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Pool Cue Cases

Pool Stick Cases

Pool tables are essential pieces for any game room, and pool cue cases ensure that your pool sticks stay in tip-top shape. Treating and maintaining your pool table requires a little effort, but they aren’t the only piece of the puzzle. The maintenance of your pool cues may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re purchasing your pool cue, but they also need some special attention.

The constant impact of the cue and pool balls can really do a number on their lifespan, and because they are integral to gameplay, you must be mindful of their condition. Damage from collisions on the playfield may be a natural occurrence, but the damage of your cues due to accidents that result from improper storage can easily be avoided when you use a pool cue case.

Cue stands are great for players that own a lot of cues to show off in plain sight, but they place the shafts in a position that compromise their safety. Guests accidentally falling and breaking your cues is a real hazard which could end up in breakage and/or bodily harm. Pool cue cases remove these risks by providing break-free storage.

Because of their long, wooden bodies, cues are also difficult to move around without needlessly poking those around you. Cases eliminate this problem by cushioning unfortunate jabs, pokes, and nudges, which makes them especially useful for pool tables placed in crowded areas. In commercial settings, pool cue cases allow owners to easily store, control, and protect their pool accessories from theft or vandalism.