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Toss Game Set
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Compact Cornhole Bean Bag Toss Game Set

The exciting, easy-to-play Compact Cornhole Bean Bag Toss Game Set is great for all ages and perfect for all events. 

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Mainstreet Classics Micro Bag Toss

The Micro Bag Toss Set lets you play indoors or outdoors! Bags is no longer just an outdoor game. With the Micro Bag Toss you can play inside or outside your home. Features two portable boards and 8 micro bags. The boards include carrying handles and hook and loop fasteners on the backside of them so they can be transported with ease to a ball game or any social event. Stir up some friendly competition year round! Mainstreet Classics brings back the games of years past to provide hours of family fun.

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Ring Toss Game Set

The Hathaway Ring Toss Game Set is a great way to get the entire family interacting and having good old-fashioned fun.

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Solid Wood Ladder Toss Game Set

Add a new element of excitement to your next backyard party or camping trip with the portable Hathaway Solid Wood Ladder Toss Game Set.

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Sport Squad 2-in-1 Cornhole and Ladder Toss Game for Indoor/Outdoor Use

Sport Squad 2-in-1 Cornhole and Ladder Toss Game for Indoor/Outdoor Use

Original Price $249.99

(save 36%)

Washer Toss Game Set

The Hathaway Washer Toss Set is the definitive way to test your tossing accuracy skills.

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Various Toss Game Set

Bean bag toss, ladder golf, ring toss—there are countless varieties of throwing games to choose from for your next outdoor event. Any of these toss game sets would be the perfect casual activity for a barbecue, family reunion, or tailgate. They are easy lawn games that can be played by all ages and skill levels. They simply require a little concentration and a steady arm—you can even play with a drink in your hand.

The most classic toss game set is the cornhole bean bag toss. The original bags were filled with corn kernels, giving this activity its name. A set comes with all the equipment necessary for play: durable bean bags and target boards. Aiming from behind their own target, players simply swing back their arm, focus on their opponent’s target, and throw. Whoever gets the most bean bags in their opponent’s target hole wins. When the match is over, the boards can be latched together and carried using attached handles for easy transportation and storage.

Other popular types of toss game sets offer variety to your lawn game collection. One is ladder golf. Players set up the specially-designed three-rung ladders fifteen feet apart and take turns throwing “bolas”—golf balls connected by a length of string—at the other team’s ladder. Different rungs are worth a different amount of points. Most commonly, the top rung is worth three points, the middle rung worth two points, and the bottom rung worth one point—first player to 21 points wins.

The ring toss is another popular version that is similar in style to horseshoes. Players throw rings at a target with five upright pegs, each worth a different point value. If you want a toss game set for indoor use, consider the washer toss variety. A washer toss set is similar to the cornhole bean bag toss, but it uses smaller targets and metal washers for throwing, which makes it versatile for use in a living room or a backyard. Whichever variety you choose, invest in a high-quality, portable set as you are sure to use your new lawn game for years to come.