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Different Pool Table Sizes

Pool tables, or billiards tables,  are available in multiple sizes, ranging from 6'-9'.  Each size is designed to suit different spaces and playing styles. Each billiards enthusiast is sure to gravitate towards one size over another, due to available space, design, or tournament regulations.

6' pool tables are the most compact size tables. They weigh the least, and take up less space than standard length pool tables. 6' pool tables are ideal for home game rooms. They are an excellent choice for smaller, more crowded spaces. Save money and space with a 6' pool table.

7' pool tables take up a little more space than 6' tables, and make excellent additions to any size game room. The extra inches make a difference in gameplay. Most players will feel pretty comfortable playing on it. 7' pool tables are equally great at home and in commercial spaces.

8' pool tables are the smallest size that can be used in regulation pool tournament play. They're a step up from the portable weight of 6' tables, but still occupy a desirable position within the middle ground of pool tables. Since 8' pool tables can be used for some regulation games, they can be enjoyed by experienced players who want a challenge. Add 8' pool tables to your bar to draw in a crowd, especially if you'd like to host pool tournaments.

Pro 8' Pool Tables are the same length and size as true antique pool tables, so you will sometimes see them listed as “Antique size” pool tables. Get that classic billiards room look with Pro 8' pool table. A Pro 8' pool table measures 105” L x 59” W.

9' pool tables are the largest size pool tables available. While not every home can accommodate a 9' pool table, a full size pool table is an impressive home game room piece. This size is primarily used by professional pool players and in regulated tournament settings. Most pros and aspiring pros prefer a 9' table over other size pool tables.

Something to remember when shopping for pool tables by length is that with each additional foot of length, the difficulty of shots increase. Beginners may find a 9' table frustrating, as they are trying to learn and enjoy the game, while experienced players may find a 6' or 7' table too easy to play on. After assessing your game space, choosing the right size pool table is all a matter of choice. For more information about pool table sizing, check out our blog.