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Different Pool Table Sizes

Pool or billiards tables come in more than one size, ranging from 6'-9', each having its own desirable qualities. However, each owner is bound to gravitate towards one size's benefits than another's.

6' pool tables are the most compact sizes, weighing the least, and taking up much less space than the sizes above it. Their room-saving capabilities make them an excellent choice for owners that want to cherish their billiards game without stressing about accidentally jabbing an onlooker, or hitting a wall with the cue. They are also less costly than their larger brethren, perfect for those buying on a budget.

7' pool tables take up a little more space than 6' tables, but still make excellent additions to just about any size game room. The extra inches make a difference in gameplay, and most players will feel pretty comfortable playing on it.

8' billiard tables are the smallest size that can be used in regulation pool tournament play. They're a big step up from the portable weight of 6' tables, but they still occupy a desirable position within the middle ground of pool tables. Because they can be used for some regulation games, they will likely be enjoyed best by players who want to get to professional levels.

9' pool tables are the largest sizes available. Though not everyone can fit a full 9-footer in their gaming area, they are, without a doubt, the tables anyone will be impressed by. This size is the primary one used by professional pool players in regulated tournament settings, so most pros or aspiring pros prefer them over any other tables.

One final consideration you should assess before deciding is that with each extra foot added, the difficulty of the billiards gameplay increases. This can be frustrating for beginners simply wishing to enjoy the game, but tantalizing for those whose eyes are always aiming for the top.