Table Tennis Accessories

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Table Tennis Accessories

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Black Polyester Table Tennis Cover

No matter where your table tennis table is stored, this lightweight, black polyester cover will protect your investment, prolonging the look and life of your table.

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Deluxe Table Tennis EZ Clamp Clip-On Post & Net Set

The EZ Clamp post is a super strong spring-activated clip system with built-in tension adjusters. 

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Joola iPong Original Ping Pong Training Robot

The Joola iPong Table Tennis Training Buddy offers a convenient and portable way to practice and play on your own! This sleek table tennis robot features underspin, topspin, and heavy topspin settings, so you can be prepared for any shot. Adjust the speed to as low as 12 balls per minute to as fast as 70 per minute! The iPong can shoot up to 100 balls at a time before having to reload! It sets up in less than a minute with no technical expertise or extra tools needed! For use on any standard size table tennis table.

Original Price $279.99

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Joola iPong Pro Ping Pong Training Robot

The iPong Pro takes all the features you love from the original iPong training robot and combines it with a new oscillation feature. It comes in a radiant red color that will provide you world-class training on any table. The wired remote adjusts the pace, so you can choose between a casual workout or an intense training session without leaving your side of the table. The oscillation is adjustable which allows for ball placement adjustment. Players can also choose between backspin and topspin. It can shoot over 100 balls before reloading! It assembles in seconds without any tools or equipment, which means you'll be ready to play in no time!

Original Price $289.99

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Joola iPong Topspin Ping Pong Training Robot

The iPong Topspin helps you learn table tennis and is ideal for ping pong beginners. The consistent shot is designed so you can master your own shot before incorporating complex movement. The wired remote allows you to adjust each topspin serve, which allows you to adjust to your skill level. This is a perfect way to build up skill without the need for a partner. The iPong Topspin plays whenever and as long as you want to play! The playback feature is capable of shooting over 100 balls before reloading, which lets you develop stamina for the game. On top of that, no special tools or equipment are required to assemble. Just snap it together, power it up, and set your spin to practice ping pong!

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STIGA Aluminum Racket Case Table Tennis Accessories


Original Price $85.00

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STIGA Premium Indoor/Outdoor Table Cover


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STIGA Sensor Score Table Tennis Accessories


Original Price $142.00

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Table tennis is fun for all ages, but maintaining a good assortment of table tennis accessories is the only way to ensure that your experience is fun to the fullest. After you've gotten your table tennis paddles and balls, you should consider a few other additional items.

While most table tennis tables come with nets and posts, they can be difficult to set up. To avoid the hassle, you can opt for a travel friendly table tennis clamp net and post set. The posts and nets keep just as steady as any table tennis table's, but have the added bonus of connecting directly with the net through clamps rather than being interwoven.

For beginners, learning the ropes of table tennis may be stressful, especially if they have to play against other players right from the start. This anxiety is lessened through the purchase of table tennis ball playing robots. The wonderful thing about most models is that they allow new as well as more experienced players though different spin options and ball throwing intervals. Whether you're looking to improve your underspin or topspin, table tennis training robots are perfect ways to learn through repetition and increasingly more challenging intervals.

Table tennis tables are durable and many owners choose to place them outside, but leaving them to the elements exposes them to all of the same dangers as other less weatherproof game tables. Your table's longevity shouldn't be compromised by Mother Nature. To make sure your investment stays in proper condition, you'll need to get a table tennis table cover. One simple change can make a world of difference.