Table Tennis Paddles

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Table Tennis Paddles

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Control Spin Table Tennis 2-Player Racket & Ball Set

Ideal for recreational or family play, the Control Spin Table Tennis Racket Set has everything you'll need for a fun game of table tennis.

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Single Star Control Spin Table Tennis 2-Player Racket & Ball Set

Geared towards serious entry level players who desire good quality equipment for training and competition. 

Original Price $48.00

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STIGA Evolution Table Tennis Paddle


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STIGA ProCarbon Table Tennis Paddle


Original Price $157.00

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STIGA Supreme Table Tennis Paddle


Original Price $100.00

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Ping Pong Paddles

The right table tennis paddle should have the perfect balance to assure maximum speed, spin, and control. The game mechanics of table tennis and ping pong are made for those who value practicing supreme concentration, artful agility, and thoughtful strategic planning…but someone without a proper racket will definitely be at a disadvantage from the very start.

What makes for the perfect table tennis paddle? Simply put: the handle, and the head or blade.

Table tennis rackets need to have a handle that you can easily grip. Most handles that optimize this attribute are covered in rubber. Rubber allows for greater friction between the handle and your palm and fingers, reducing the chances of slippage and the stress on muscles and joints from firmly grasping it; a sharp contrast to the traditional wooden handles.

For serious players, the blades of table tennis paddles should always be covered in rubber. The elasticity of the material are vital for reaching top speeds and higher ball spin rotations; both of which are elements all pros look for.

In addition to the outer materials, table tennis paddles also vary in terms of their inner core densities. Some table tennis racquets have hollow cores in either (or both) their handles and blades. Those with hollow cores are lighter, a very appealing trait, even for beginners, as it lessens the severity of straining the player's arms during gameplay.