Pool Table Accessories

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Pool Table Accessories

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The Winslow Deluxe Wall Rack

Width: 37" x Depth: 4" x Height: 52"

Original Price $550.00

(save 30%)



Aramith Glow in the Dark Pool Table Kit

The Aramith Glow in the Dark Kit takes your pool table to the dark side! This unique pool table kit has everything you need to attract customers, friends, and family to a game of pool. It includes glow in the dark piping to line the edges and pockets. Glowing dots define the table edge surface. To top everything off, it includes a special complete set of pool balls for you to play with. This set is one of the coolest ways to get the most out of your pool table.

Original Price $512.00

(save 30%)



Black 3-Shade Billiard Light

Add The Final Touch to Your Ultimate Game Room!

Original Price $165.99

(save 30%)



Deluxe Billiard Accessory Kit

You are ready to play when you buy the Imperial Deluxe Billiard Accessory Kit. This kit includes 2 each 2-piece cues, 1 each 2-piece bridge stick with metal bridge head, wood triangle, 10-1/2 inch nylon bristle table brush, 2-piece wall rack that holds up to 8 cues, and an 8-foot plastic pool table cover.

Original Price $215.00

(save 30%)

Green Billiard Pool Cue Chalk

This premium grade Billiards Cue Chalk is formulated to give your pool cue tips the grip you desire.

Original Price $30.00

(save 30%)



Imperial Premier Billiard Accessory Kit

The Imperial Premier Billiard Accessory Kit has everything you need to enhance your game experience. This set includes 4 each 2-piece cues with wrapped handles, 1 two piece bridge stick with metal bridge head, wood triangle, wood nine-ball rack, under-rail brush, long handle table brush, 2-piece wall rack that holds 8 cues, 8’ table cover. Take care of your game and your table!

Original Price $360.00

(save 28%)

Pool Table Billiard Brush

Handsomely finished solid hardwood pool table brush in a rich dark Cherry.

Original Price $28.00

(save 29%)

Pool Table Billiard Dust Cover - Fits 7-8-ft Table

Keep your pool table surface dust and debris free with this quality rip-resistant black polyester cover.

Original Price $43.00

(save 30%)



Pool Table Lift

The Pool Table Lift from Great American is easy and convenient to use. Simply insert the metal handle into the base, slide the lift underneath the center of the pool table and push the lever down. Its made from heavy gauge steel, which means you can rely on its sturdiness and strength.

Original Price $590.00

(save 25%)

Premier Cone Chalk Holder

Add an attractive, professional flair to your game room.

Original Price $44.00

(save 30%)

Silver Cup Cone Talc Chalk - Each

Silver Cup Cone Chalk offers the best talc available!

Original Price $36.00

(save 31%)

Pool Table Accessories

Picking out a great pool table is just the first step in assembling an awesome game room. Our pool table accessories will help you complete your table and keep it in tip-top shape. Part of responsible game table ownership is keeping the right equipment around. Also, we offer a variety of different accessories to help you replace your old ones.

Out pool cues come in a variety of colors, materials, and forms. Features like select maple shafts, heavy duty varnishes, and adjustable weights can help you get the most out of your games. Mix and match styles and colors to complete your game room design. We carry standard one piece bar cues, perfect for the traditional pool room. We also carry cues with custom artwork to match modern pool tables. The pool cue is the most important part of your game, and we can help you find the right one!

We also have a great selection of cue racks to store your gear. They come in a lot of different colors, materials, and styles. Whether you are looking for a simple stainless steel cue rack for a modern look or a large, wall-mounted traditional oak rack, we have you covered. Coordinate your cue rack with your cues and table to have a cool, sophisticated game room design. For those not afraid to have a little fun, or are looking to attract customers, we also carry several novelty pool cue holders that add character and humor to any game room.

In addition to all this, you will find all the other pool table accessories to maintain your equipment. You can find brushes, ball triangles, chalk, table covers , and more! Tired of buying items piece by piece, worrying that you will miss something? Our accessory kits contain a comprehensive set that will give you everything you need. Imagine how easy it is to assemble a pool room. Pick out a great looking pool table, grab a matching accessory kit, and your friends and family will think you labored to assemble it all! Trouble free is what it is all about.