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Horseshoe Set
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Heavy Duty Horseshoe Set

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Outdoor Games: Horseshoe Sets

Horseshoes is a game enjoyed all over the world, with origins tracing back all the way to the ancient Romans. It can be found in parks and backyards all over. Soldiers played the game for recreation, spreading the game to the US and other parts of the world.

The goal of Horseshoes is to score points by throwing a horseshoe around a stationary metal stake or rod. This outdoor game is easy to pick up, but takes practice to master. You can play one-on-one or in teams of two. Three points are given to ringers, and one point is awarded to the horseshoe closest to the rod.

It is best played in Horseshoe pits, which keep other people from accidentally stepping in the path a flying horseshoe, but can be set up in backyards, parks, or the beach. Almost anywhere where there is enough space and where stakes can be inserted will function as a court.

Horseshoe sets are great for the experienced or beginning player. The carrying bag makes it easy to move on the go, so you can enjoy the game anywhere you can set up a court. They typically come with four horseshoes and two scoring rods. These convenient sets make it easy to get into the game or continue playing due to their quality and durability.