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Poker Chips
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Fat Cat 500Ct Texas Hold'Em Dice Poker Chip Set

Original Price $93.00

(save 30%)

Fat Cat Bling 13.5 Grams 500Ct Poker Chip Set

Original Price $129.00

(save 30%)

Fat Cat Replacement Aluminum 500Ct Poker Chip Case

Original Price $43.00

(save 30%)

Poker Chips

Everyone loves a person who can play cards, and there is no better way to get the full Las Vegas experience than owning your own poker chips. Our deluxe sets provide everything you need, whether you are an amateur,hobbyist, or professional venue. Along with a set of gaming chips, you typically receive poker card decks, so you can have a completely matching poker setup. These high quality poker chips come in all sorts of colors, so you can offer various levels of denominations. Even if you do not play for money, card chips make the game more exciting by offering physical tokens to play for. If you host a poker night, chips are a much neater way to play. Instead of clearing off change and crumpled bills, you can smoothly collect your winnings off the gaming table.

Poker chips also make great collectible items. Our sets come in easy to transport cases that protect your investment. This makes it easy to take your card chips practically anywhere you want. If you are part of a rotating poker night, this means you can bring them to your friend's house. You bring the poker chips, and they can bring the beer! These cases are usually made of durable metal with soft, cushioned insides. They also provide organization, so your poker chip collection will help you look smooth and professional. Not only will a carrying case keep them safe, modern gaming chips are no longer made of fragile clay. There is no sweeter sound than that of a pile of composite poker chips sliding your way.

Using gaming chips instead of actual currency is a brilliant way to control how money changes hands, especially if you organize a gaming event for your group. Centralizing the exchange of money for poker chips allows you to control and predict potential vulnerabilities insecurity. Card chips are not only a great way to show you are serious about the game, they are also a serious practical necessity.