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Classic Cushion
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12' Classic Cushion Shuffleboard Table

Combining quality American construction with functionality and style, the 12' Classic Cushion shuffleboard table is the perfect table for those looking to add something new to their home game room or bar.

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Classic Cushion Shuffleboard Tables

The Venture Classic Cushion Shuffleboard table is one of the most coveted shuffleboard tables for professionals and amateurs alike. Made of solid poplar, mahogany, and maple wood, the Venture Classic Cushion Shuffleboard exudes an authentic natural beauty that makes it just as much a work of art as it does a gaming table. Using a hard rock, kiln-dried maple surface approximately three inches thick, the Venture Classic Cushion Shuffleboard table allows for a smooth playing field designed for the purpose of a more enjoyable gaming experience. With the multiple coats of synthetic lacquer, no shuffleboard table could have a smoother shinier surface.

For the novice player, the Venture Classic Cushion shuffleboard is built with a "wider than standard" playing field to maximize precision, and with the rubberized bumpers filling the table's gutters, the Venture Classic Cushion Shuffleboard makes shuffleboard a less daunting game. Friends and family can gather around and enjoy playing shuffleboard in style with The Venture Classic Cushion Shuffleboard table.

The Venture Classic Cushion Shuffleboard has many additional options available to add to your gaming experience. If you are looking for a little more professional experience, Venture offers scoreboards of various sizes that can be factory installed. Perhaps you want a more fun and relaxing atmosphere for your shuffleboard game, the Venture Classic Cushion shuffleboard table also has the option to purchase lights to make for a more aesthetically enjoyable gaming experience. Perhaps space is a commodity you do not have and you think a shuffleboard is too bulky and cumbersome, the Venture Classic Cushion Shuffleboard comes equipped with two foldable table legs to allow for ease of storage and game table setup.

Venture is a name you can trust in the shuffleboard table industry because every shuffleboard is hand crafted to the highest of expectations. The Classic Cushion Shuffleboard, for example, sports gutters that are grooved and tongued for maximum durability and with a one year manufacturer warranty a Classic Cushion Shuffleboard owner can have peace of mind while playing. So if you or anyone you know likes shuffleboard, regardless of their skills, definitely consider Venture's Classic Cushion Shuffleboard. This shuffleboard table is meant for everyone.