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At Game Tables Online, we specialize in game tables such as pool table, ping pong table, foosball, shuffleboard, air hockey, bumper pool and game tables of all sorts. We work with home owners, interior designers to produce custom pool tables and custom shuffleboard tables with or without custom logo for residential or commercial enviornment. What's more, we offer the best price you'll find anywhere for high-quality game tables and the best customer service in the industry. We're here seven days a week from 9 am. to 5 pm. pacific standard time to answer any questions you might have.

While outdoor sports provide lots of fun and excitement, gaming tables are a great way to bring the fun of the outdoors into your home. Games like foosball or pool are great for spending time with your family or entertaining your friends. There are many different kinds of game tables that make their homes in basements and sports bars. Some have even been introduced to international competition.

A benefit of gaming tables is the simplicity of the equipment. Once the gaming table itself is purchased, very little additional equipment is needed to play the game itself, unlike sports such as hockey or football. Another benefit is themulti game table, which allows the user to change the surface of the table to suit their gaming desires. There are many different types of gaming tables, and even more games that go along with them.

Maybe one of the most famed and competitive table sport is ping-pong. Table tennis tables resemble a tennis court and are great for individual or team competition. The game originated as an after-dinner sport in England, with a row of books serving as a net and more books used to hit a golf ball back and forth across the table. The game gained popularity and manufacturers started to make and sell table tennis equipment. Table tennis has been featured as an Olympic event since 1988. As an Olympic and basement sport, table tennis is a great way to have fun with friends and family.

Foosball is a game that was introduced in 1922. Also known as "table football," foosball was created to replicate a soccer match. Rows of players are controlled by spinning rods with two goals on each side of the table. Like soccer, the object of the game is to shoot the ball in the goal. Foosball tables can be found in pubs, bars, workplaces, schools, and clubs, and is always a great way to have fun!

Pool is a more popular game that is more common in bar type atmospheres. Pool tables are rectangular with pockets on all four corners and the middle of the two long sides. There are hundreds of pool games with very unique and different rules. While pool is often a game of betting, pool tables can also be found in many homes and recreation centers.

Bumper pool tables offer all of the excitement and competitiveness of full size pool tables while using just half the space! Available in a variety of sizes and shapes bumper pool tables can easily fit into any home. For those who have always wanted a game table at home, but who don't want dedicate an entire room to a standard table, bumper pool tables are perfect for you.

Shuffleboard tables are quite possibly the oldest tabletop game that is still played today. The origins of shuffleboard can be traced back to the 15th century in England. The objective of the game is to slide four weights alternately against those of an opponent, so that they reach the highest scoring area without falling off the end of the board. The game was originally played on a table with a large British coin, and from there it evolved into the shuffleboard that is played today.

Probably the newest addition to game tables is air hockey. Air hockey was introduced in the late 1960s, and is now one of the more common coin operated gaming tables found in arcades. An air hockey table has slots on each side as goals, and a cushion of air sent through tiny holes in the surface allow the puck to slide as if the surface were made of ice. Traditionally, the game ends when one of the players scores seven goals, but the fun you can have with air hockey is never ending!

Gaming tables provide endless enjoyment and are a great for parties or family fun. With roots dating back to the 1500s, they will continue to be a source of fun and excitement for the family for many years to come.