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TP-158 Power Tetherball Set

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TP-Set Deluxe Tetherball Set

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Tetherball is a sport originating from North American. It can be bound in schoolyards, parks, and backyards all over. Its exact origin is unknown, but it is a very simple game that requires very little explanation. It is played by two players, and the only equipment required is a pole and a ball tethered to it.

Players try to hit the ball and wrap it around the pole. One goes clockwise and the other goes counter-clockwise. Tetherball is not a professional sport, and hence, has no governing league. There are, however, a set of rules that are followed. Players cannot cross the center line. The ball may be hit with an open palm or fist. The tetherball cannot be thrown or caught. The rope cannot be touched.

If you are setting up a tetherball court, you can buy tetherball poles and tetherball sets that include pumps. Most poles are meant to be set up permanently, but they can be attached to sturdy stands to be set up in parks or while camping. Tetherball courts are easy to set up and require very little space. They can easily fit in most backyards, and schoolyards and parks can set up several. If you are looking for a fun, simple outdoor game to play, that will not take up a lot of space, tetherball is the game for you.