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Outdoor Foosball Tables
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Blue Sky 1100 Soccer Table

Enjoy gaming all year round with this stylish and highly durable indoor/outdoor soccer table--a great choice for use on the deck or patio as well as for use indoors.

Original Price $1299.99

(save 32%)



Extera Outdoor Foosball Table

Heavyweight weatherproof outdoor foosball table

Original Price $2499.99

(save 41%)



Garlando G-500 Weatherproof Blue Outdoor Foosball Table

The Garlando G-500 Weatherproof Foosball Table allows you to take the game outdoors. Available in 2 attractive colors. Constructed with special components and materials, this outdoor foosball table can withstand all weather conditions.

Original Price $2645.00

(save 30%)



Garlando Master Pro Outdoor Foosball Table

The Garlando Master Pro Outdoor Foosball Table is a professional table with folding legs for easy storage where the space is limited. The legs panels allow the table a great stability during use.

Original Price $2335.00

(save 29%)



Garlando OpenAir Outdoor Folding Foosball Table

The Garlando Openair Outdoor Foosball Table lets you bring the fast action of foosball anywhere. This weatherproof professional foosball table has folding legs so you can easily move it or store it.

Original Price $2285.00

(save 30%)



Garlando XXL Outdoor Foosball Table

This extra large 8-player Garlando XXL Outdoor Foosball Table offers increased fun and even more interesting actions, thanks to a longer playing field.

Original Price $5271.41

(save 34%)



Highlander 55-in Outdoor Foosball Table with Waterproof Surface

A perfect addition to your patio, pool or yard, this stylish foosball table is loaded with high-quality features. Every component is designed to withstand the elements, including a waterproof frame and rust-proof aluminum rods. Ergonomic handles ensure hours of play without straining your hands.
Bring the tournament into your backyard with the Highlander's sturdy, cross-supported surface. This brilliant blue play area blends beautifully with a glossy white cabinet, creating a dazzling look that delights the eyes and elevates the action. The Highlander also comes equipped with integrated leg levelers and a cross-supported surface, ensuring an even playing field.
Includes 2- 36mm ABS high quality foosballs and a weather-resistant, nylon cover. 1-year limited warranty.

Original Price $1645.00

(save 31%)

Outdoor Foosball Tables

Foosball is one of the world's favorite table games, and an outdoor foosball table lets you take it to a whole new level. When the weather is sunny, you should be enjoying the fresh air outside. A great way to get kids off the couch is by giving them a fun outdoor game table to play with. Outdoor foosball tables make a great addition to a barbecue. It will keep people entertained while food is on the grill. You can even hold your own outdoor foosball tournament. Winner gets first pick of the hamburgers! Having an outdoor foosball table gives you something fun to do, whether you are hosting a birthday party or enjoying a lazy Sunday.

Outdoor Foosball tables have important differences from regular foosball tables. While we carry a carefully selected collection of premium game tables, not all materials are meant for outdoor use. The benefit to having an outdoor foosball table is that they are made with materials designed for the outdoors. High doses of UV radiation, excessive moisture, temperature changes, and mildew can ruin even high quality tables made from solid wood if they are not properly treated. Outdoor foosball tables feature advanced, tailor made materials for constant outdoor exposure. Materials like chromium, marine grade woods, and waterproof sealants make outdoor foosball tables extremely tough and reliable. It also makes them easy to clean because they shed off water with ease. These game tables can be left out day and night. When the weather turns sour, you can rest comfortably indoors without worrying about your foosball table.

If you like sunshine and fun, outdoor foosball tables will let you enjoy a popular game in the relaxing atmosphere of the great outdoors. If you are trying to design a fun backyard or picnic area, an outdoor foosball table could be the missing piece you are looking for. Having a pool is great way to entertain friends, but when everyone is waterlogged and tired of swimming, you can give them something fun to do. Outdoor foosball tables provide variety in any outdoor space.