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Black Mariah Steel Tip Darts - Set Of 3

Eye Catching Graphics Are Sure To Draw Attention! The “Black Mariah" steel tip dart set is an exceptional looking set at a very affordable price!

Original Price $30.99

(save 35%)

Kaboom Steel Tip Darts - Set Of 3

Colorful, Fun "Action" Graphics Make These A Blast To Play With! “Kaboom" darts were inspired by the comic book heroes of the past with super powers, guaranteed to take you back in time to those childhood memories of when you were invincible!

Original Price $30.99

(save 35%)

Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts - Set Of 3

The Number 1 Selling Soft Tip Dart! This high-tech extremely accurate dart is a colorful addition to any darter's collection.

Original Price $27.99

(save 32%)

The Freak Soft Tip Darts - Set Of 3

Step Out Of The Ordinary With "The Freak" Soft Tip Darts! Catch everyone's eye with this unique dart “The Freak" features aluminum Spinster shafts that rotate to help incoming darts find their target, allowing for tighter groupings and decreased deflection.

Original Price $39.99

(save 40%)

Dartboard Darts

"On Point" is one phrase that you should hear often in your rounds of throwing darts. True, the components you'll need to start a game of darts are few, but high scores can only be achieved through diligent practice. Luckily, games of throwing darts are as quick as the throwers can empty their holster, so a spare hour or two make for perfect opportunities for anyone to come and practice their aim, or engage in some multiplayer action!

Most throwing dart sets come in groups of 3, so purchasing two sets doubles the possibility of maximum enjoyment. You may think that all darts are the same, but there 4 very important characteristics to look out for when choosing the dart set that meets your needs.

The first is the material the dart is made from. Some throwing darts are made of brass alloys, while others are alloys of nickel and silver. Darts made from the combination of nickel and silver are the most durable, and therefore have higher price tags, while brass throwing darts are less durable, but lighter on your budget.

Second, you must know whether the dart set is composed of soft-tip or steel-tip darts. Steel-tip darts are for wooden, or "bristled" dartboards, while soft-tip darts are most often used for electronic dartboards.

The third specification is the length of the darts in the set. Longer darts will, of course, be heavier than shorter ones.

The fourth characteristic is the result of the previous three specifications: the weight. Steel-tip darts are more dense, and will therefore weigh more than soft-tip darts, especially when there is a large difference between their lengths. When it comes to structural materials, nickel-silver alloys will weigh more than brass.

A throwing dart's weight is the most vital characteristic. Heavier darts reduce air resistance for a straighter shot and easier aim; which makes them well worth their price in the end.