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Pool Table Felt
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Championship Saturn II Pool Table Felt (Sizes 7' or 8')

A Price-Conscious Fabric Produced By An Already Proven Quality Manufacturing Facility. Dupont Teflon Treated!

Original Price $224.99

(save 40%)



Custom Logo Pool Table Felt (Sizes 7' or 8' or 9')

With custom logo felt, you can make your pool table one of the kind. The (STANDARD) Custom Pool Table Felt is good for the casual/recreational player. Felt has a stain resistant coating. The (PROFESSIONAL) Custom Pool Table Felt is a worsted felt with stain resistance. We prefer to have the logo's and artwork in a high resolution format such as EPS or AI. Sometimes PDF files will work. It is difficult for us to use low resolution images such as JPEG or PNG files that are readily found on the internet.

Original Price $750.00

(save 30%)

Imperial Pool Felt Sample

We do require a deposit of $25.00 for the felt samples which can be credited towards your order once you place the order.

Original Price $35.71

(save 30%)

Billiard Table Felt

One of the most striking features of a pool table is the felt or cloth that covers the playing field. The felt serves that important purpose of protecting the invaluable and expensive pool table slate below it. Without a proper felt covering, the collision of billiard, carom, and snooker balls pose a real threat to the safety and longevity of your pool table.

There are two major classes of pool table felt: "Napped" and "Worsted". Napped cloth is made with long, curly woven fibers. Napped felt coverings are the more affordable options, but require more frequent maintenance and typically don’t last as long as worsted table cloths. Worsted billiard table felts are more expensive, but they make up for it in other ways. They are flatter than napped felt cloths, have greater lifespans and promote quicker, seamless gameplay. Because of these qualities, worsted pool table felts are the standard for professional players.

Some pool table felt or cloth products are resistant to moisture, but most are not suitable for prolonged exposure to wet or humid conditions. If you are planning on having your pool table anywhere such conditions pose an actual threat to its safety, make sure to see if the table felt comes pre-treated for weather resistance. Alternatively, there are products that allow you to weather proof your billiard table’s felt yourself.

Of course, you must also consider the measurements of your pool table’s playfield and the felt you plan on purchasing. Neglecting to do so would be catastrophic; a needless waste of time and money that can very easily avoided. Something as essential as pool table felt must be given the most attention, and with the multitude of options available, there is definitely the perfect one for you waiting for you on the horizon.