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Shuffleboard has a long history, changing with the tastes and needs of its players to transform it into the game tables we see today. Originally a primarily pub game, the 1980s saw a rapid increase in players wanting to bring the shuffleboard table into the home. To make their dreams a reality, new manufacturers made different shuffleboard sizes became available to offer affordable models that could realistically fit in a game or recreation room.

Standard sizing starts at 9’ and stretch all the way towards a staggering length of 22’. Generally, models on the 9’ to 14’ scale are perfect for most owners to fit in their houses, while the 20’ and 22’ ones are required for professional play. Shorter shuffleboards are easier to learn with, while longer ones inspire challenging matches, although 16’ and 18’ sizes provide a great balance of both. The length you choose will also have a huge impact on the cost, but for different levels of expertise, their price will be well worth it.

Although they’ve entered the home, shuffleboard tables remain fantastic additions for commercial settings. Along with other bar and pub favorites like billiard tables, shuffleboards can drastically increase the number of regular customers. Because of the variety of sizes and models available getting both for your business will likely double your base of loyal patrons.

Weatherproof outdoor shuffleboard tables have the additional benefit of taking your best gameplay to beautiful outside locations, providing additional aesthetic delight to an already fun experience.