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Challenger Sport
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9' Challenger Sport Shuffleboard

Original Price $5495.00

(save 30%)


12' Challenger Sport Shuffleboard

Original Price $6835.00

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14' Challenger Sport Shuffleboard

Original Price $7135.00

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Challenger Sport Shuffleboard Tables

The Challenger Sport Shuffleboard series by Venture truly challenges competitors and individuals alike. Challenger shuffleboard tables have been confidently custom manufactured by Venture in the United States for over five decades. The shuffleboards are truly a homegrown product exclusively shipping and selling strictly in the United States only. There is absolutely no question that the superior quality of Challenger Shuffleboards leaves other shuffleboard competitors sliding down the wrong side of the playfield.

Venture shuffleboard is even gliding along with the green movement in environmental responsibility. They already use all natural woods making it a completely recyclable product. No synthetic stains are used on any one of their shuffleboards. The organically hand-mixed custom stain they use was developed over 50 years ago. The distinctive properties inherent each stain is hand applied to each Challenger Shuffleboard table creating a one of a kind color appearance as the stain saturates the unique wood grains. These makes each table a unique individual. Most mass production shuffleboard companies cannot claim that statement.

Every Challenger Shuffleboard table is exquisitely hand-crafted on state of the art manufacturing lines to precise standards according to a customer's chosen specifications. All cabinets are individually constructed from solid maple in combination with kiln-dried high pressure laminates to limit moisture content. Too much moisture in wood warps wood in changing temperatures causing uneven playing surfaces. Custom cabinets are available in 9, 12 and 14 foot lengths. The durable playfield is the soul of Challenger Shuffleboard tables. Seven layers of a clear, high tech UV lacquer finish are exactly measured to 1/32 of an inch for a smooth and resilient playfield.

Each custom Challenger shuffleboard tables come in a complete package with everything required for play: pucks, wax, polish and silicone spray. These boards are extremely professional quality at an affordable price. There are no hidden fees whatsoever in Challenger Shuffleboard's cost. Almost all dealers offer free assembly set up and shipping and without any sales tax charges.

An exclusive one year warranty automatically covers any defects discovered in the table or playfield should there be any. The first three months is usually the most common time frame when defects manifest themselves. Professionally certified repair technicians conveniently come to homes for hassle free with no questions asked repairs.