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6' x 4' x 3' PVC Goal

This professional level sport goal sets-up in seconds and has a convenient fitted Slip Net. Made by Park and Sun, this goal gives you a durable high-impact PVC frame that will last for many seasons. It sets up in seconds and features a back support bar for durability. Its patented lock fittings make for easy folding and storage.

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Double Back Bar Multi-Purpose Goal

The Park and Sun Sports Double Back Bar Multi-Purpose Goal is made of 1.625-inch high-impact PVC with a double-bar back for increased stability. The bungee slip-net make it easy to set up and the push-button lock fittings make it easy to fold up and store. This net is perfect for youth soccer or lacrosse. It comes available in a variety of sizes. The six foot wide version comes with net clips to turn it into a rebounder.


Polyflex Lacrosse Goal

Practice your skills with the Polyflex Lacrosse goal from Park and Sun. This goal is measures 6 ft x 6 ft x 4 ft and is constructed with a durable 1-piece 1.625-in thick impact polyflex frame. The goal includes anchors and the convenient Bungee Slipnet which is designed to slip over the goal quickly so you can focus on the game.

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Steel Lacrosse Goal

Improve your lacrosse shooting skills with the Park & Sun Sports Steel Lacrosse Goal. This sturdy regulation-size lacrosse goal is made with 18-gauge steel and sports a protective orange finish. Push-button assembly and the Park & Sun patented bungee slip net makes this goal quick to set up, giving you more practice time.

Original Price $192.00

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Street Ice Steel Hockey Goal

The Street Ice Steel Hockey Goal is a durable street hockey goal that is collapsible for storage and transporting! Its quick, easy set-up and take down makes it ideal for active people on the go, letting you be prepared to play anywhere.

Original Price $149.99

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Soccer Goals & Lacrosse Goals & Hockey Goals

Whether you play soccer, lacrosse, or hockey, you will need goals, rebounders, and other field equipment. Goals are the center of the action for most indoor and outdoor games, so buying the right one is important. They can come in different materials, sizes, and colors.

PVC multi-purpose goals are very convenient and have the benefit of being very lightweight. They can easily be carried to the field by hand, making them perfect for hosting youth soccer at schools or other fields. Some feature the ability to collapse, which makes transport even easier. The fact that PVC cannot rust makes it well suited for outdoor play.

Lacrosse goals are usually made from durable steel, but can also be constructed of more flexible, lighter materials. The size and shape of a lacrosse goal is unique, so it is important to choose an actual lacrosse goal, instead of other multi-sport goals.

There is nothing like the classic red hockey goal. Their steel construction can handle a lot of punishment from high-velocity pucks. When you are not playing street hockey, they even make suitable soccer goals.

Unfortunately, nets sometimes give away before their frame does. In that case, you can order a variety of different bungee nets that fit almost any goal. They simply slip over the new frame.