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Croquet Set
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6-Player Croquet Set

A modern version of the game that took England by storm in the 19-century, the Hathaway 6-player Croquet Set includes everything you need to transform your yard into a fun, competitive croquet court.

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Croquet Set

Croquet is a classic outdoor game perfect for an afternoon with friends or family. The game was popularized in Victorian Britain, but it made its way across the pond to become a North American favorite. Enjoy the simple recreation of hitting balls through wickets that can be set up on any lawn. Encourage a little friendly competition with this all-ages activity that is fun for beginners and professionals alike—make it easier by putting the wickets close together or harder by spreading them further apart. The game is also versatile enough to be played between two people or with up to six. A high-quality set makes a valuable addition to anyone’s collection of lawn games.

A good croquet set includes all the implements necessary for the game: handles with detachable mallets, polymer balls, goal stakes, and wickets. Most sets come with a carrying case for storing and transporting everything—never worry about misplacing a mallet or ball again! The carrying case makes it easy to take your croquet set with you when you go to a family reunion, host a picnic at a local park, or take a camping trip.

Additionally, croquet is a favorite of both children and adults alike. Kids will love setting up the wickets, hammering the stakes into the ground, and attaching the mallets to the handles. The game does not require a lot of physical fitness, so anyone who can swing a mallet can join in. The rules of the game are easy to learn, so new players will have no trouble picking it up. Just because the game is simple doesn’t mean it is easy, though—there are hundreds of professional leagues for the sport all over the United States and the United Kingdom.

Because this is an outdoor game, the various items are exposed to dirt, water, and other elements. It is important to choose a durable croquet set made with high-quality materials. Chip-resistant polymer balls will be able to withstand being hit repeatedly with a mallet, and coated wickets won’t rust. Rather than sitting around on the next sunny day, get out and play with this fun lawn game.