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11 Foot Shuffleboard Tables
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11' Legacy Shuffleboard Table

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11' Rustic Shuffleboard Table

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In most sporting goods stores, shuffleboard tables are only available at standard lengths, such as 9' or 12' for the home, and longer for commercial spaces. Depending on your space, 9' may be too short and 12' too long. The uniquely sized 11' shuffleboard table is like a gem, which is why we're proud to offer the size in our catalogue.  At GameTablesOnline.com, we pride ourselves on our incredible selection of unique, stylish, and durable game tables for everyone.

To measure for a shuffleboard table, you need to designate a space that is both long enough and wide enough. Playing shuffleboard requires about 2' of space around each side of the table for players to move around freely as they shoot. Sizing for game room furniture is like sizing for any other furniture,  you want the room to remain comfortable without being crowded. Open concept homes need balance and structure, like a beautiful  shuffleboard table so that the space doesn't feel empty. In other areas, like garages or basements, 11' is just the right size table. For community centers or bars, multiple 11' shuffleboard tables will fit alongside other game tables easily.

Shuffleboard as a sport needs a bit of challenge to be fun, for new players and experienced players alike. A standard 9' shuffleboard may be too short to provide much challenge for experienced players, while a 12' shuffleboard may be too difficult for beginners. Our curated selection of 11' shuffleboards provide just enough length, speed, and challenge for everyone to have fun together. For more a more challenging game, browse our full shuffleboard collection. We carry professional and tournament shuffleboards ranging up to 22'!

Your keen eye and sense of style will always been on display with our handsome shuffleboards, crafted from the highest quality materials to last for years to come. Browse our shuffleboard collection by size or brand. Find everything you need to complete your game room in our full catalogue, including extra weights and shuffleboard maintenance kits. Your new 11' shuffleboard will ship for free!