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6 Foot Pool Table
6 Foot Pool Tables

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6' Fairmont Portable Pool Table

Original Price $945.00

(save 37%)






Fat Cat 3 -In-1 Flip Game Table

Original Price $1267.50

(save 30%)


6' Kiddie Pool Table

Original Price $5265.00

(save 30%)

6.5' Mizerak Dynasty SpaceSaver Pool Table

Original Price $2499.99

(save 40%)



Fat Cat Trueshot Billiard Table

Original Price $1118.93

(save 30%)



Spartan 6-ft Pool Table with Table Tennis Top

Original Price $975.00

(save 33%)

6 Foot Small Pool Tables

The size of a pool table is one feature that every purchaser will need to consider, especially when you have a specific amount of space in which to put it. If room is small, then 6' pool tables are the best fit.

Beginners including kids will love the gameplay offered by 6-footers. Pool table length is a major factor in raising the difficulty of the shots, which is why only 8' and 9' models can be used in professional play. This means that 6' billiard tables are the best fit for casual use, especially if younger players are the intended audience.

The decrease in difficulty and the reduced size of 6' pool tables doesn't mean that they are lower quality. Any player will immediately discover the unique allure of the smaller playing field, especially if the playing field sits on top of a table meant for portability.

Some 6' billiard tables add an extra degree of amazing by being waterproof, perfect for outdoor patio game havens, giving a whole new meaning to playing in nature. Outdoor tables are constructed with longevity in mind, powerful steel frames keeping steady through the storm and polymer coated playfields that resist any ripping winds or damp rainfall.

6 foot pool tables come in many different varieties, including pool tables that are coin operated. Any business can be bolstered with the addition of a billiard table to pass the time, providing both customer satisfaction and a way to make your purchase pay for itself.

What Size Pool Table Should I Get?

Before purchasing a major item, like a pool table, it's important to determine where the piece will look best. The pool table is the centerpiece for any home game room and deserves plenty of room for players and spectators alike to enjoy.

6' pool tables are ideal for home use with limited space. The compact size leaves extra space for comfortable playing room in a home game room or bar, especially if you have other game tables. Before bringing your new pool table home, ensure that you have plenty of space by measuring the space with a basic carpenter’s measuring tape. A 6' pool table is best suited for rooms at least 15' X 13' with a cue size of 4' 6". Placing a small table in a big, open room will make the table seem insubstantial. Make your pool table look its best by choosing table that fits your space well.