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Coin Operated Bumper Pool Table
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Great American Coin Operated Bumper Pool Table

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Coin Op Bumper Pool

Coin operated bumper pool tables allow your club or business to generate revenue while providing fun. Regular pool tables take up a lot of room, but bumper pool tables take up less room. This means you can place more in your venue, increasing customer turnover, and reducing long queues and impatient guests. It is time to start using that extra space with a coin operated game table!

Typically, a coin operated bumper pool table will feature a traditional style that will not clash with other decor. Classic green felt provides a timeless billiards look that is appropriate for any table game venue. Not only do these game tables look good, they also are built for high volumes of play. One piece slate, shake-proof washers, and durable plywood provide excellent durability for their cost. This means less down time in maintenance, and more games being purchased.

They also include all the necessary bumper pool accessories, so your new coin operated bumper pool table will be ready to play in no time. Of course, our selection of pool table accessories gives you plenty of options for backup bumper pool cues and bumper pool balls. It is smart to keep a spare set around. This is a small amount of initial investing to keep your game tables up and running, and therefore profitable.

Commercial bumper pool tables give your establishment something interesting to do while patrons hang out together, socialize, and enjoy refreshments. Most players do not have to be very skilled to start playing, and the game is very easy to learn from friends. These coin operated game tables are a long term investment. If your business has under utilized space, or if your customers are tired of regular billiards, coin operated bumper pool could be just the thing you need.