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Pool Ball Racks
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Imperial 2 1/4-in. Wood Triangle, Black

Original Price $89.99

(save 57%)

Imperial 2 1/4-in.indestructible Triangle

Original Price $35.70

(save 30%)

Imperial Bull Nose Wood 9-ball Rack, Black

Original Price $89.99

(save 46%)

Pool Table Billiard Ball Triangle Rack

Original Price $48.00

(save 40%)

Billiard Ball Racks

When it comes to a game of pool, there is nothing that catches the eye and imagination quite like the characteristic shot of a well-manicured billiard ball arrangement. However, getting the pool balls into place can be quite a hassle without the help of a pool ball rack. With a rack at the ready, you won’t have to deal with the tiresome annoyance of a set-up that isn’t quite right.

Pool ball racks come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate the different arrangements needed to play specific game variants of pool. The most common pool ball racks are for 8-Ball and 9-Ball, which are shaped to fit the exact number of regulation-sized American billiard sets. To achieve this, the configuration of 8-Ball set-ups are triangular, while racks for 9-Ball games have a diamond shape.

Materials for each vary depending on the manufacturer and the product, but all pool ball racks are sturdy and made to last. Durable wood or plastic are the most popular options due to both their reliability and affordability. Billiard ball racks are almost universally constructed with smooth, rounded edges so that the set-up can be easily and ably maneuvered to ensure maximum precision with a simple drag and slide motion across the felt playfield.

To get the most out of your pool table, you should consider getting multiple billiard ball racks so that you can play more than one game adaptation. The affordability of most pool ball racks should make this decision a no-brainer, but one that is sure to bring you much more satisfaction in the long run.