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Austin Shuffleboard
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9' Austin Shuffleboard Table

Original Price $14254.00

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12' Austin Shuffleboard Table

Original Price $14907.00

(save 30%)


14' Austin Shuffleboard Table

Original Price $16346.00

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16' Austin Shuffleboard Table

Original Price $18546.00

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18' Austin Shuffleboard Table

Original Price $20033.00

(save 30%)

Austin Shuffleboard Tables

California House’s Austin Shuffleboard Table is an original design which displays an interesting take on the modernist adoration of straight lines and angles. The center of the playfield acts like the core of a star whose radiant rays became the solid legs on which it stands. It is an integration of style and functionality which proves that beauty can be powerful as well.

A tradition of excellence is visible in every detail which separates the Austin Shuffleboard from the rest. One example lies in the composition of the playing field, which uses American beech wood instead of the industry-standard maple, a change which increases the overall durability and longevity. In addition, the numbering and branding are inlaid, differing from more traditional practices like placing stickers or painting directly on top of the wooden surface.

Esteeming the user’s experience has made California House into a manufacturer which aims to offer all those things which may heighten your delight. This desire is seen most clearly in the array of options available in their customizable features. Alley walls, floors, and collars are each covered in your choice of fabric or leather, while the wood comes in 27 different finishes. This selection is unparalleled by any other shuffleboard brand, and grants you the freedom to make your purchase unique.

Size plays a huge factor in the selection process. If your shuffleboard is too long for the amount of space available, it will be impossible to enjoy, which is why the Austin comes in 9-foot, 12-foot, 14-foot, 16-foot, and 18-foot lengths.

With all of the thought which must be put into purchasing your shuffleboard, it is easy to forget other essential components. Such a fantastic game table requires proper care and must be fully equipped for play. Our catalogue contains a great assortment of shuffleboard accessories, including maintenance kits, table wax, and weight sets; everything you’ll need to make sure your table lasts for decades to come.