Brand Spotlight: Plank & Hide is proud to offer the best in game tables for the home and commercial spaces, including top of the line tables from Plank & Hide. We select each piece for our catalogue with care, looking for specifications that will excite our customers and inspire years of entertainment. Plank & Hide is no exception, offering gorgeous pool and shuffleboard tables crafted with beautiful, high quality materials, and unique designs built to last through years of play. 

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The Surprising Benefits of a Home Game Room

Game rooms are taking over! As more families look to spend quality time at home, a shared gaming space is becoming a desirable asset in new homes. When remodeling family homes, a designated game room is a hot trend. Aside from the fun factor, what makes game rooms so beneficial for you and your family? Let’s dig a little deeper and find out.

Game Room
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How to Measure a Pool Table the Right Way

Buying a pool table for yourself or as a gift, or for your business, is an investment of time and money. There are so many factors to research before you can actually purchase a billiards table, including finding a table that fits your space properly. Measuring a pool table correctly isn’t as straight forward as measuring for other furniture pieces. Rather than guessing and hoping you measured correctly, let’s take a look at the proper steps to measuring for a pool table. Taking the right steps now will save you a lot of frustration in the future.

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How to Maintain a Pool Table

You should feel pride in investing in a pool table, as it’s undoubtedly one of the coolest items to have in your home. With this in mind, however, it’s important to regularly care for a pool table. Simple weekly or biweekly maintenance is the key to maintaining your pool table for years to come.

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The Insider Pool Table Buyer’s Guide

You may not be spending your entire life’s savings on a new pool table, but it’s still an investment that will last for the many years to come. Buying a new pool table is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, so it’s important to make an educated buying decision by considering the size, quality, features, warranty availability, and more.

8 Ball Closeup

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Sizing Up your Bar’s Shuffleboard Table

Shuffleboard sizes are extremely important to take into account when you’re getting ready to put one in your bar. Shuffleboard manufacturers decide the sizes and materials that each of their products offer. These sizes follow the general trends of dimensions and structural makeups that have a history of high customer satisfaction.

Shuffleboard can be an intense, but fun bar addition

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How To Get More Short Term Rental Bookings

Short Term Rentals, or SRTs, are a hot investment right now as people look to travel inexpensively with family and friends. When you open up your home for rental on apps like Airbnb or VRBO,  success isn’t guaranteed. You’ve done the work and research and created a beautiful space.  Generating bookings and good ratings takes time, but there are a few tricks that can help boost your listing right now. Today, we’re going to explore some options to enhance your SRT listing and increase bookings.  

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Find the Center of A Cue Ball: A How-to Guide

Did you know that 75%-80% of pool players miss the center when striking the center of the cue ball? Whether you’re a casual player or a seasoned pro, there is always room for improvement. As it turns out, hitting the center is more than a practiced skill. Today, we’re going to discuss how to find the center of a cue ball, plus tips on how to take your pool skills to the next level.

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The 5 Best Multi Game and Combination Game Tables

When furnishing the ultimate game room, what’s the best way to get the most games for your dollar? Multi game tables, of course! Classic sport multigame tables have been on the market for decades, making them a staple in arcades and homes both. There’s marked difference between quality multi game tables and those that will fall apart after the first round. Are multi game tables good? What games can you get in combination tables?  What is the best multi game table for kids? Where to buy the best combination game tables? You’ve got the questions; we’ve got the answers!  

At, we take care of the research, scoping out the best combination game tables for you and your family. We look for top multi game tables that will last through years of fun, stocking the best in our online catalogue. Whether you’re furnishing a home game room or outfitting a bar with a few games tables, we’ve gathered the best multi game tables of 2022!

Ping Pong Table / Dining Table / Pool Table
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Small Pool Tables from 6′ to 7′

Pool tables are large, there’s no denying that. There are small tables, though, with more options than ever. As far as game tables go, pool tables are a crowd pleaser. Young and old, people love to watch and play pool. Maybe you’ve always thought you didn’t have enough space for a pool table or you’ve recently moved. There’s a small pool table for sale that will fit perfectly into your space. To learn more about the history of pool tables and why pool tables are certain lengths, keep reading!

To browse pool tables by size, click on the links below:

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