Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

The holidays are here, with all of the gift giving and receiving. The holidays are a fantastic opportunity to introduce kids to a new game or hobby. Games are something the whole family can enjoy together. Table games like air hockey, foosball, and ping pong encourage hand-eye coordination, concentration, and good sportsmanship. Kids will love playing with their friends and you’ll love seeing the benefits of reduced screen time. Our top picks for kids are at the top of every young game enthusiasts’ wish list this year!

Tables Games

Table games have been played for hundreds of years. Great for groups, table games encourage friendly competition and conversation. Kids will love learning how to play pool or perfecting their foosball game with their own table. You can find a list of games that are great for the whole family, here.

Triumph 48” Sweeper Foosball Table

This regulation sized foosball table features a modern design, comfort grip handles, and easy to use goal counters. The minimalistic style players are individually molded on chrome plated hollow steel rods. Younger kids will love the “grown up” look of this table and older kids will play for hours. This table is a perfect fit for a family game room or teen’s room.

Hat Trick 4-ft Air Hockey Table

Sized down for kids, this air hockey table is designed for ultimate game play. New players and experienced players will enjoy this table with 110 v electric blower and poly-sealed playing surface. Keep score electronically or with manual score slides. The strikers and pucks are weighted for fast paced action. Kids of all ages can improve their skills on this stylish air hockey table.
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Holiday Gift Guide for Him

This holiday season, finding great gifts for the guys in your life is easier than ever.

Upgrade their game room with a new game and table, providing hours of future entertainment for him and his buddies. Personalize game tables with custom options, to show off his team colors, while also matching the rest of the home furniture. If he always acts as his own Santa, surprise him with the gifts he’s always wanted.

Game Tables

Whether he’s a new player, wanting an upgrade, or an amateur, his game room can always benefit from a handsome new game table. Pool tables are perfect for the home bar. Multi-game tables make great additions to a family game room. Choosing a game table starts with the game, then the design. We have tables to suit every design style—rustic, modern, traditional, and more.

1) 8’Elias Pool Table

This handsome pool table features billiards room style combined with modern strength and design. Impress with this 100% solid wood frame and cabinet table, with a k-slate. The legs of this table are designed to evenly distribute the weight, for stable game play. For a personal touch, custom felt colors are available to match your guy’s team colors or bar décor.

2) NFL Logo Foosball Tables

Available in nine different NFL teams, these foosball tables are made for the ultimate game room. Heavy duty metal legs provide stability through spirited play and the stress resistant rods are made of telescoping steel. The NFL graphics are protected against inevitable scratches by melamine coating. Foosball is great for group and family fun, but the NFL logo adds a personalized touch. These tables are crafted in Italy.
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Top 3 Professional Air Hockey Tables

Professional, USAA sanctioned air hockey tables are a must for serious players who want to take their game to the next level. When shopping for an upgrade, you want to know that you are investing in the right model. We’re here to explain why professional air hockey tables are superior and how to tell you’re looking at the real thing, as well as offer some recommendations for the top models you can order online today.

Professional air hockey player

Professional air hockey tables designed by air hockey champions

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Seven Pro Tips for Buying an Air Hockey Table

Buying an air hockey table is a great investment for any game room. It can provide hours of fun for players of all ages—from kids to seasoned pros. Not every type of player wants the same kind of air hockey table, though. This air hockey table buyer’s guide will help you decide which type is right for you. Here are the seven factors you should consider when buying an air hockey table.

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How to Play Air Hockey: A Beginner’s Guide

If you’re looking to learn how to play air hockey, you’re in the right place. We’ll break down what you need to play, the basic rules, and some tips to help you look like a pro. With this helpful guide, you’ll know how to play air hockey in no time.

What You Need to Play Air Hockey

Air Hockey Table with Digital Scoreboard

The Stratosphere air hockey table comes with a unique LED digital scoreboard that keeps track of the score. It also has a docking station with built-in speakers that let you play music while you play your game.

The most important thing you need to get started is the air hockey table itself. Most air hockey tables come with a digital scoreboard that keeps track of your points, but if yours doesn’t, you’ll need something to track this manually. You’ll also need a puck, which is the name for the disk passed back and forth between players. Lastly, you’ll need two mallets (aka strikers), which are the pieces players use to hit the puck. Here’s an example of puck and striker sets. Equipped with all these things, you’re ready to begin.
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The Pool Table Buyers Guide You Won’t Want to Miss

Buying a pool table is an investment. While there are cheap recreational billiards tables out there, most people choose to purchase models designed to last a lifetime. In fact, a high-quality table  becomes a family heirloom, like a grandfather clock or grand piano, so it’s important to consider your options carefully.

Pool table triangle

Photo credit: Fernando Prado under Creative Commons license.

In this pool table buyers guide, you’ll find the key factors to consider when purchasing the perfect high-quality pool table.
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The Quick and Easy Guide on How to Play Foosball

You’ve probably seen or played foosball before, but do you know the official rules for gameplay? This popular game, also called table soccer, was invented by Harold Thornton in 1921. He was inspired by his favorite English football team, Tottenham Hotspur, to create an easy game that families could play in their own homes. Foosball is now played all over the world, though it goes by many names. It’s called “baby foot” in France, “kicker” in Germany, and “futbolito” in Mexico.

No matter where you are or what it’s called, it’s always fun to be able to jump in and play along, so here is a quick explanation of how to play foosball.

What You Need to Play Foosball

Close up of a fooseball table

Close up of a foosball table (CC)

To play foosball, you need 2-4 players, a foosball table, and a ball. Each player maneuvers 2-4 rods, controlling a total of 13 players per team. Players stand on opposite sides, twisting their rods to get their players to “kick” the ball into their opponent’s goal.

In a one-on-one game, a single player can go back-and-forth between his or her four rods. For a two-on-two game, teammates each take two rods and either play the role of defense or offense.
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How to Choose the Right Cue Stick

Pool Table Wizard

Graphic by Colleen Cochran

So you’ve perfected your wizardry on the pool table, have you? Just as wizards earn the right to carry their own personal magic wands, so too, you’ve earned the right to your own pool stick. While searching for the perfect cue, keep in mind the words of Harry Potter, “The wand chooses the wizard.”

Spellbinding pool playing appears when there is a strong affinity between the pool player and his or her cue stick. The player learning from the pool cue, the cue responding to its player. While initial attraction will always be the start of the relationship between pool cue and player, here are a few particulars to consider before making a final purchase.
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How to Clean Every Inch of Your Pool Table

Treat your pool table as you would an exquisite baby grand piano. Chances are, it probably cost you nearly as much. Like a piano, you must maintain your pool table, you’ve got to clean it, and you’ve got to play it. Like any other fine piece of furniture, you want it to retain its beauty, its functionality, and you want it to last a lifetime.

Here’s what you do to clean your pool table and keep it in tip-top shape for maximum longevity and playability.

Pool Table Care: Prevention

Care for your pool table starts with prevention of dirt, dings, cracks, sun damage, and any forms of mishandling. Let your guests know the rules. If you are shy about doing so, you might consider placing a sign on the wall with some rules listed.
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