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Accessories Kit
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Basic Pool Billiard Accessory Kit

Original Price $224.99

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Billiard Table Play Package

Original Price $1311.00

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Deluxe Billiard Playing Accessory Kit with 57" Cues

Original Price $285.00

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Deluxe Billiards Accessory Kit

Original Price $295.00

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Deluxe Pool Billiard Accessory Kit - K1001

Original Price $400.00

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Platinum Pool & Billiard Accessory Kit

Original Price $799.99

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Pool Table Billiard Accessory Kit

Original Price $165.00

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Premium Pool & Billiard Accessory Kit

Original Price $499.99

(save 31%)

Pool Table Accessories Kit

To say that proper pool table accessories are a necessary addition to a carefully selected billiard table doesn’t need to much of an explanation. 7ft, 8ft, and 9ft pool tables alike are serious investments, each requiring a number of items to improve gameplay and ensure your table’s longevity. Now, selecting the right assortment may seem a little stressful, but that’s what pool table accessory kits are for!

First, there are the maintenance items. Felt cloth covering is the most common playfield material, but these toppers are not immortal, and pool table cloth replacements are costly. Without a pool table felt brush, your gameplay experience will become more frustrating, with billiard balls, hop, skipping, jumping, and slowing when they hit uneven ground. Under rail brushes are another important maintenance item, used to keep the rail cushions from losing their sting and muting your rebounds. While it may not seem like a maintenance item at first, a pool table’s cover adds in another crucial preventative measure.

Next there are the cue items, such as cue shapers, shaft slickers, pool cue chalk, chalk holders, and cue wall racks. Most cues are primarily made of wood, with a finished coating which gives them their iconic shine, but through the friction between them and the rail top, the wear and tear will begin to show unless you have a billiard cue shaft slicker and keep them from dangerous accidents with cue wall racks. Down the shaft and to the point is the actual cue rubber, which requires pool cue chalk and shapers to keep it ready for impact with the billiard balls, and if you’re afraid of chipping or breaking, consider looking into some chalk holders, too.

Finally, there are the playfield items. Obviously, the pool balls are number one on the list, but not all are the same; snooker balls, pool balls, and billiard balls are each used for different game variations, so you should try to get all three types to keep your options open. Game setup is much easier and more efficient with a wooden triangle or bridge around so everything begins properly.