The Surprising Benefits of a Home Game Room

Game rooms are taking over! As more families look to spend quality time at home, a shared gaming space is becoming a desirable asset in new homes. When remodeling family homes, a designated game room is a hot trend. Aside from the fun factor, what makes game rooms so beneficial for you and your family? Let’s dig a little deeper and find out.

Game Room
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9 Essentials to an Epic Game Room

Game rooms are quickly becoming the hottest trend in homes. A game room can be anything as simple as a table for your favorite board games in the den or a completely decked out game room. Picture your ultimate game room with everything you need to enjoy the big game on tv or play your favorite games with friends. Your game room style can be as unique as you are. Go classic British pub or retro neon arcade, rustic hideaway, or industrial minimalistic.

Card games
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At, we offer a wide variety of gaming tables and game room furniture, at incredible prices, so you can bring your epic game room to life. We put together this list of game room fundamentals to help you create the ultimate game room.

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Man-Cave Must Haves for Father’s Day

All men, and especially dads, need “me-time.” Often referred to as a “man cave,” a guy needs his own special place where he can unwind after a high-pressure day. He might use the space to zone out, to play a little, or to plug away at his favorite hobbies. After some time for himself, his Zen will be reclaimed. Ultimately, the man of the house will have renewed energy to meet professional challenges, as well as to provide care and attention to the people in his home.

While women’s need for “me-time” is highly chronicled, a British study of 2000 men found that 85% of men admitted that they need their own space too. The study noted, “Whilst the efforts of working mums are well-documented, we forget how much modern men have to do.” The study discussed how men, especially dads, play a much more hands-on role in the home than did men of previous generations. They juggle the daily stresses of work, then come home to help with evening meals and bedtime routines, and everything in between.

A man’s personal turf should be filled with those items that will help him de-stress and rejuvenate. Below are a list of Father’s Day gift ideas sure make any man happy.
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The Insider: Pool Table Buyer’s Guide

You may not be spending your entire life’s savings on a new pool table, but it’s still an investment that will last for the many years to come. Buying a new pool table is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, so it’s important to make an educated buying decision by considering the size, quality, features, warranty availability, and more.

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Tabletop Games That Are Fun for the Whole Family

Tabletop games are fun for the entire family because they get everybody involved and there’s no doubt that we can all get riled up over a simple game. Tabletop games like chess, dominoes, and backgammon because they can be played by all ages, you or old.

Not only that, we have a selection of unique mini-tabletop games that resize traditional table game like pool, foosball, and even air hockey into a miniature that will sit directly on top of your dining table. Let’s show you what we’re talking about.

Miniature Tabletop Foosball

This mini tabletop foosball table fits perfectly on any flat surface. It gives you the fun of a real foosball table in a much smaller an more feasible size. Would you guess that it’s only $45.00? Order it today. It will give you the best bang for your buck.

Games that Can Be Played on the Table:

  • Chess
  • Checkers
  • Backgammon
  • Dominoes
  • Endless Card Games
  • Cribbage

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Benefits of a Game Room in the Home

There are a number of families that have begun to put game rooms in the home. There are a number of benefits to this practice other than the obvious financial. Game rooms at home eliminate the need to spend money going out to find arcades or other areas that you can play your favorite games. Involving the entire family in the design of the game room can make it a focal point for the family from the beginning. The increase in family time alone is worth having a room dedicated to game tables in the home.
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