9 Essentials to an Epic Game Room

Game rooms are quickly becoming the hottest trend in homes. A game room can be anything as simple as a table for your favorite board games in the den or a completely decked out game room. Picture your ultimate game room with everything you need to enjoy the big game on tv or play your favorite games with friends. Your game room style can be as unique as you are. Go classic British pub or retro neon arcade, rustic hideaway, or industrial minimalistic.

Card games
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At GameTablesOnline.com, we offer a wide variety of gaming tables and game room furniture, at incredible prices, so you can bring your epic game room to life. We put together this list of game room fundamentals to help you create the ultimate game room.

Game Room Design Tips

1) Dartboards

Accudart Manchester Dart Board

Darts are the perfect game to play between poker games or during commercial breaks. Darts is a fun, competitive game that doesn’t take much space. Hanging on the wall, a colorful dartboard serves as both décor and a game. Choose a set with multicolored darts so you can keep track of each player. Some boards have digital scoreboards, others have chalkboards. Go for a vintage style dartboard for that old school pub feel.

2) Cards and Accessories

Fat Cat 500 Count Poker Chip Set
Fat Cat 500 Count Poker Chip Set

No game room is complete without a few sets of beautiful cards. Invest in a poker set for your next poker night, with a sturdy carrying case for storage. You’ll have all the poker chips and cards you’ll need. Poker night will instantly level up with chips instead of old change and crumpled bills.

3) Classic Board Games

Mainstreet Classics Chess - Checkers - Backgammon - Chinese Checkers
Mainstreet Classics Chess – Checkers – Backgammon – Chinese Checkers

Along with popular board games, the classics never go out of style. A handsome chess set can be admired and enjoyed by all. Add a set of dominos to your game room for a chill game or backgammon for a challenge. Multi-game boards offer versatility and style for your game room.

4) Game tables & Seating

California House Gas-Lift Pedestal Chair
California House Gas-Lift Pedestal Chair

If you’re going to be playing card games or board games, you’ll need a table. Specialty tables for poker or black jack are ideal if you host frequently, but any kind of round table will be appreciated. Friends and family will gather to talk, laugh, and enjoy snacks with favorite games. Comfortable chairs are also a must-have. When you’re finished playing pool, or just want a short break, a handsome leather chair is preferable to hard folding chairs.

5) Bar

Round Bar in Black Tempered Glass with Stainless Accents
Round Bar in Black Tempered Glass with Stainless Accents

Is it even game night without a few cold beers? Adding a bar to your game room takes the room from average to impressive. Even if you’re not a cocktail wizard, keeping a few different drinks on hand is always welcome. Add a mini fridge and your favorite salty snacks and you’re set for a great night.

6) Pool Table or  Shuffleboard

City Pool Table - American walnut maple and khaki felt (customer photo)
City Pool Table – American walnut maple and khaki felt (customer photo)

Pool is a classic after dinner game that everyone can enjoy. The cousin of the pool table,    shuffleboard is sleek, active, and timeless. Think of your pool table or shuffleboard  as the centerpiece of your game room. The style you chose for your table can impact the room’s whole look. Let your game table inspire the rest of your décor for a game room that will be enjoyed for years to come

7) Foosball

Garlando Exclusive Foosball Table
Garlando Exclusive Foosball Table

For homes with teens, foosball is the best gaming table to have. Foosball encourages team work, physical activity, and friendly competition. Adults will love the fast pace of foosball.

8) Table Tennis

Joola 2000-S Professional Table Tennis Table With Wm Net And Post Set
Joola 2000-S Professional Table Tennis Table With Wm Net And Post Set

Table tennis, or ping pong is an active game that kids, teens, and adults can enjoy together. Perfect for family game rooms, table tennis provides endless entertainment. Get competitive and creative, drawing up teams for a family competition during holiday get togethers. When the weather’s bad, table tennis allows you to keep the fun going.

9) Multi-Game Table

Fat Cat Original Pockey 2 In 1 Game Table
Fat Cat Original Pockey 2 In 1 Game Table

Get the most out of your game room by choosing a multi-game table. Each style offers different games, so deciding what you’d like in your game room is your first step. Choose from foosball, table tennis, air hockey, pool, and more. These space savers are incredible for smaller homes and families. Your game room will complete with a multi-game table.

Build Your Game Room Experience

If you plan on using your game room to host friends to watch sports, make sure your game room has a good TV. Get rid of that old, saggy futon and swap in a comfortable, yet stylish sofa to watch the big game. Store board games in a cabinet to keep them organized. Keep your bar fridge stocked with your favorite beer and you’ll be ready for game night.  Find more game room inspiration for your home or business in our full catalog.

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