Man-Cave Must Haves for Father’s Day

All men, and especially dads, need “me-time.” Often referred to as a “man cave,” a guy needs his own special place where he can unwind after a high-pressure day. He might use the space to zone out, to play a little, or to plug away at his favorite hobbies. After some time for himself, his Zen will be reclaimed. Ultimately, the man of the house will have renewed energy to meet professional challenges, as well as to provide care and attention to the people in his home.

While women’s need for “me-time” is highly chronicled, a British study of 2000 men found that 85% of men admitted that they need their own space too. The study noted, “Whilst the efforts of working mums are well-documented, we forget how much modern men have to do.” The study discussed how men, especially dads, play a much more hands-on role in the home than did men of previous generations. They juggle the daily stresses of work, then come home to help with evening meals and bedtime routines, and everything in between.

A man’s personal turf should be filled with those items that will help him de-stress and rejuvenate. Below are a list of Father’s Day gift ideas sure make any man happy.

Hudson All-in-One Dart Center

Hudson All-in-One Dart Board Center

The Hudson All-in-One Dart Board Center

This dart set is well-made and spiffy-looking. The set is housed in a sturdy cabinet of solid pine with handsome mahogany finish. The cabinet doors feature self-closing brushed nickel hinges.

The dartboard itself is unsurpassed. It is made from sisal fiber, which is the standard for tournament boards. Sisal is considered the superior fiber because when a dart is removed from the board, the hole closes behind it. Only after many, many games of darts, will there be any signs of wear and tear. That’s why the Hudson All-in-One Center also features a removable number ring, allowing rotation so that the dart holes don’t occur consistently in the same place.

With solid black backing, to enable better visibility of the board, dry erase score chart, and steel-tip darts – it’s a top-notch dart set that any man would be proud to own. The Hudson All-in-One Dart Center is a snazzy way for a man to forget the external concerns of the world and to regain control, all by simply focusing on the bull’s eye.

Pac Man! Need I say More?

Namco Pacman Arcade Game

The NAMCO Pac-Man Arcade Party Cabaret

It doesn’t matter how many educational degrees or professional promotions a guy has received, what really puffs his chest is recalling his glory days in the arcade. Any guy who has made it in this world has earned the privilege to relive his nostalgia, and to create new memories, with the NAMCO Pac-Man Arcade Party Cabaret machine.

This machine is awesome. And it’s even better than Dad remembered, since the NAMCO Pac-Man Arcade Party Cabaret has a massive, crystal clear 19” LCD screen, for the sharpest graphics ever. What’s more, in addition to playing Pac-Man (the most addictive game on earth), there are 13 other classic games that come with this machine: Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, Dig Dug, Galaxian, Pac-Mania, Galaga ’88, Mappy, Xevious, Rolling Thunder, Dragon Spirit, Rally-X, and Bosconian.

Ping Pong Work Table?

Venture Winston Convertible Table Tennis Table

The Winston Convertible Table Tennis Table by Venture

A stunning, well-crafted table is certain to provide the inspiration a man needs when he’s working on his favorite hobby. If the table is designed beautifully, it will even make a perfect setting for fine dining. But if the table is truly spectacular, after dinner, a man can invite over a friend to play a vigorous game of ping pong on it! It took some ingenuity, but Venture designers met all three of these criteria when they created Winston Convertible Table Tennis.

The Winston Convertible Table Tennis is regulation-size ping pong table that won acclaim at the High Point Furniture Market, the largest home furnishings industry trade show in the world. The table comes in two constructions: a heavier, solid 1-3/4” hard rock maple with walnut inlays or it’s inverse, a lighter version made of a solid walnut with maple inlays. Both versions are built to last, as well as impress, and are finished with a durable 3 mil. UV-cured varnish. The table comes standard with a retractable net, paddles, and balls. Winston Convertible Table Tennis has optional dining chairs and benches that can be ordered as well.

3-in-1 Poker Table

3-in-1 Poker Table with four chairs

3-in-1 Poker Table with four chairs

Me-time doesn’t necessarily mean alone-time. Sometimes the best way for a man to relax is with a few guy pals. The 3-in-1 Poker Table is quite versatile, it can enable Dad to finish up his paperwork, have a snack, and then invite up to eight people over for a poker game, or even bumper pool. The table is 48” in diameter, and made of North American hardwood. It comes with four 19” wide arm chairs constructed from beech hardwood imported from Germany. Each chair features synthetic black leather, padded bottom and back, and a gas tilt and swivel mechanism.

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Written by Colleen Cochran, a writer and graphic artist living in sunny California.