5 Ways Table Tennis Makes You Live Longer

Table tennis is a fast-paced game that demands agility, precision, and a knack at predicting where the ball will return. Table tennis, or ping pong, is also a great way to improve life expectancy. No we’re not making this up, it’s actually been proven!

An extensive study was done in the home of Table Tennis, China of course. Researchers monitored areas such as heart function, eyesight, and reaction time. Here’s the sweet and short excerpt from the study:

“Our research indicates: frequent table tennis exercises help to advance heart function, eyesight, and reaction ability of hands and eyes. Meanwhile, it is proved that table tennis activities play as a key role in carrying out the strategy of national sports.”

Did you know: Table tennis can be used to treat alhzheimers and dementia.  Learn more

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5 Things to Know Before Buying a Ping Pong Paddle

When it comes to paddles, there is no “best” ping pong paddle. The paddle that suits your needs all depends on your style of play and the circumstances of the match. What type of paddle you choose is a matter of personal preference and your level of expertise. Here are 5 things that you MUST take into consideration when shopping for a new ping pong paddle.

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Incredible Man vs. Machine Ping Pong Match

Sci-Fi movies have come to life. Run for your life! German robotics firm KUKA has developed the world’s fastest robotic tennis machine. To create a buzz about the KUKA KR Agilus, they set up the first ever duel between a robot and a human. It’s gone viral and created quite a buzz. Watch in amazement.

“Not the best in table tennis. But probably the best in robotics.”

KUKA KR Agilus

The KUKA KR Agilus can serve, return shots, and make calculated moves with remarkable precision. This well-oiled machine displays a combination of speed, precision, and flexibility. You can’t help but give KUKA credit for creating such a fascinating machine.
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The Best Sport For Your Brain

Researchers and scientists have agreed that table tennis is the best sport for your brain. This fast-paced game is challenging and equally rewarding. Clinical Neuroscientist and Psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen calls table tennis “The Best Brain Sport.” In a book entitled Making A Good Brain Great: The Amen Clinic Program for Achieving and Sustaining Optimal Mental Performance, Dr. Amen explains how the body’s main organ can benefit from a friendly game of table tennis.

Dr. Amen explains that regular exercise boosts hormones in the body that keep your brain young. Physical activities increase circulation to the brain and promotes cell health. So what set’s ping pong apart from other sports in terms of mental health? Ping Pong is a game of strategy, coordination, and concentration.

Dr. Wendy Suzuki explaining why ping pong is the best brain sport. Yes, that’s a real human brain! Watch the full video below.

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Jan-Ove “Evergreen” Waldner – Table Tennis Legend

Growing up as a child in Stockholm, Sweden, Jan-Ove Waldner became a rising star in the table tennis world at a young age. While media sources often capture the glamorized moments of success, Jan-Ove would be the first to tell you that the road to becoming a World Champion was anything but easy. Recognized for his extraordinary style of play, many have noted that Waldner’s game is the most perfect, complex, and strategic style. His unique skill and mental physique has earned him the title as the “Mozart of Table Tennis.”

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Buyer’s Guide to Ping Pong Tables

So what is so hard about picking out a ping pong table? As a kid, I could play ping pong on any flat surface with a makeshift net, but then again, I doubt our rules were regulation. Now that I am older and slightly heavier wiser, I can see that there is more to buying a ping pong table than meets the eye. In this guide, you can learn all about how to find the perfect table for you.

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