Complete Guide to Bumper Pool Rules: Play Instructions

Did you know that bumper pool has been around since the 1500’s. Like other cue sports, bumper pool is derived from similar lawn games played by the French nobility. Bumper pool most closely resembles lawn croquet. Modern bumper pool became popular in the late 1940’s, with a surge of popularity in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Today, bumper pool tables can be found alongside standard pool tables and shuffleboards in your favorite game rooms and bars. Multigame tables often feature bumper pool, since its smaller. The exciting game of bumper pool combines the strategy and skill of traditional pool with new obstacles and challenges. Before we get into the rules of bumper pool, let’s take a look at what makes bumper pool tables different from standard pool table.

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Advantages of Bumper Pool

Bumper pool is enjoyed all over the world, but is not as common as other table games, like regular pool. This is something that confuses me, as bumper pool has a lot going for it, and is in many ways preferable to other table games. Here is a quick article for comparing.
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Shape of Bumper Pool

Although bumper pool table is not as common as it should be, it has a lot of advantages over the normal game of billiards. It’s compact and really easy to pick up a game with friends. It offers a lot of the same geometric tactics but without the need for a giant pool table. If you’re looking for a bumper pool table, there are lots of options for you.
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Bumper Pool

Bumper pool is different than the regular game of pool. The regular game of pool is a popular game, and bumper pool is also gaining popularity. Even though they’re both a game of pool, they are altogether very different games.

Bumper pool tables are smaller than regular pool tables, as much as half the size. They are usually fifty four inches by thirty inches. But can come in different sizes as from forty eight inches by fifty four inches. So this pool table can be played in a much smaller living place than a regular pool table. Very convenient for the small space living areas. The dimensions of the table itself can come in a rectangular shape to an octagon shape. And like the regular pool table, it can have a green felt material as the surface. The bumper pool table only has two pockets compared to a regular pool table which has about six pockets.

A regular 7ft pool table doesn’t have bumpers added to it like the bumper pool tables does, and yes, you guessed it, that’s why they call it bumper pool. Regular pool tables give the balls the freedom to move all around the table, which bumper pool tables have about 12 bumpers, and sometimes up to 14 or 16 bumpers, to add as barriers, keeping the balls from easily sinking into the pockets. On a octagon table, there are pockets centered in each end of the table. That’s where the challenge comes in to the game of bumper pool. And the game has more players, may be made up of two teams of 2 to 3 players in each team, but can be played with only 2 players in the team as well. But like with other games, it seems to be more fun when there are more players, because the challenge level gets higher with each added player. For the game, it is played with five white balls and with five red balls. One ball is marked for each set in this game.

Bumper pool has a twist to the game and is really fun to play. The object of game is to sink all your balls into your opponents pockets, much like the game of football in offense. It’s fun to play with children, friends, family members, pretty much anyone. And a great thing about bumper pool is it’s not too difficult to play, but it is challenging enough to keep your interest. That’s why when most people play for the first time, like to play more and start to spread the word around that it’s a great game to learn. It can be kind of addicting, because it’s so much fun. With this game it’s great for parties and gains attention because more people can play at one time, and with more people, it’s more fun.

With bumper pool, it’s your choice to also change the bumper pool rules up a little bit if you choose. If you like gambling, you can choose to turn it into a gambling game, which is exciting. I do believe that this game will be gaining more attention and more popularity as time goes by. Most people have never heard of bumper pool before. Or might of heard of it but didn’t understand it, so they didn’t get interested with it and brushed it off. I do believe if you give it a try, you will be very pleasantly surprised. And with the people who have heard of it, and have played it, know that it’s one of those games that won’t go away anytime soon.

So if your looking for some kind of game than can be challenging and also something that can fit your into your small living area, bumper pool is a great game to try. The more you play, the more you will want to tell your friends and family about it. It’s fun, it’s challenging, and you can play the game with almost at any age.