How Not to Suck at Darts

This is a cool Dart Board Infographic that will teach you how to play darts in a fun way. Visuals go a long way and hey, sometimes seeing is believing! Playing darts is a lot more than throwing some wild shots at a board on the wall. It takes skill, strategy and finesse!

I came across this dart board infographic somewhere on the internet. Honestly, I can’t remember how I even came across it but I guess this is typically the way web surfing works! (How did I get here?!) Andrew Snavely from Primer Magazine created this infographic. Thanks Andrew! Drum roll please.

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How High to Hang a Dart Board From Floor to the Bullseye

If you’re trying to hang your dartboard according to Official Dartboard Regulations, this post is the one for you. Here you’ll find all of the dimensions including distance from the throwline to dartboard and the height from the floor to the bullseye. Whether you’re hanging an electronic dartboard or a regulation board, these dimensions hold true. The only exception is for soft vs steel tip darts. In this case, you’ll need to move the throw line back by ¾ inch.

How High to Hang Dartboard
Image courtesy Pixabay

This post will teach you how high to hand a dart board from floor to the bullseye.

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Darting for Dummies

Throwing a dart may seem like a pretty simple task but looks can be deceiving. If you’ve ever tried to hit the bulls-eye, you know that it’s not quite as easy as you would think. Learning how to throw a dart takes sound advice and practice. Welcome to Darting 101. Class is in session!

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Darting Stance

Start by placing your dominant foot forward. This should be the same as your throwing arm. Feet should be spaced comfortably about arms width apart. You want to directly face the dart board as if you were looking yourself in the mirror. Shoulders should remain parallel to the dart board. If this is uncomfortable, you can adjust the angle of your shoulders between 50-80 degrees relative to the board. Every person is different but you want to stay facing your target as much as possible.
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