Perrelet Turbine Let’s You Play Poker on Your Watch

Swiss watch manufacturer Perellet has unveiled a new watch that aims to please even the most seasoned poker connoisseurs. Perrelet is renowned for their specialty double rotor watches. Crafted with unmatched perfection, the Perrelet is not your Grandpa’s lucky watch.

Perrelet Turbine Poker Series

Images via: Perrelet

Turbine Poker Series

To be found with a watch from the Turbine Poker Series Collection is a rare find indeed. Only 888 watches were reported to be produced. Case in point, these watches are extremely rare. Each Turbine features a 44mm case with a coating of DLC steel; some of the best materials on the market. Not flashy enough? The center of the Turbine watch face is made out of 18K Rose Gold to make it a real eye-catcher.
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Research Proves That Game Rooms Improve Academic Performance and Emotional Wellness

The next time your parents tell you to stop horsing around and put your nose in a good book, you can tell them that you’re improving your cognitive development. Don’t worry, there is truth in this statement that may be able to get you some extra hours shooting pool or sliding a puck across your air hockey table.Game tables improve cognitive development.

Several research studies have all concluded that game rooms improve performance in the classroom. Similar to the cognitive benefits observed in children who play musical instruments, billiards, foosball, and other game tables can help develop areas of the brain that are neglected in traditional studies.
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Multigame Tables: Save on Space and Increase Comfort Levels

Entertaining extended family or friends is easier when you have a game room or a game table where people can play their favorite games. However, not all homes have enough space for an exclusive pool table or poker table. Your family room or game room might already have a ping pong table, music center, or other equipment making it difficult to fit in a dining table and pool table into it.
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Making Multi Game Tables Work for You

Whether you are looking for a game table for your lavish game room, a kid’s room, or even a condo or townhouse, multi game tables and combination tables offer surprising flexibility. Purchasing a new game table can be intimidating. Will it fit? What if I get bored and do not use it? Will I be able to keep it in good shape? A multi game table has answers to these questions and more.
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3-in-1 Bumper Pool Card Table

3-in-1 Bumper Pool Card Table

Finally, a table that combines my three favorite pastimes: eating, card
games, and cue sports!
3-in-1 bumper pool tables are perfect for parties, fulfilling all of the
practical and functional niches of a proper dining room table. But with
a simple flip of the top, your octagonal “dining room table”
is immediately transformed into a full entertainment center. The underside
of the tabletop is, in fact, a poker table. Many feature soft felt with
exciting poker graphics, and a majority of 3-in-1
bumper card tables
feature beer pockets on the poker table as well.
3-in-1 bumper pool tables let you turn any evening dinner with friends into
a fun poker party.
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Selecting Your Multi Game Table

A multi game table brings diversity and functionality to a room. They’re the perfect choice for someone who can’t decide between game tables, but shopping for a multi game table still requires some decision making. When selecting your multi game table, consider how its location influences functionality and style.
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