How To Get More Short Term Rental Bookings

Short Term Rentals, or SRTs, are a hot investment right now as people look to travel inexpensively with family and friends. When you open up your home for rental on apps like Airbnb or VRBO,  success isn’t guaranteed. You’ve done the work and research and created a beautiful space.  Generating bookings and good ratings takes time, but there are a few tricks that can help boost your listing right now. Today, we’re going to explore some options to enhance your SRT listing and increase bookings.  

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Sports Bar and Pub Pool Survival Guide

No sports bar or pub would be complete without a table for the classic game of pool. Before adding one to your place of business, it’s important to keep table size in mind, ensuring maximum player satisfaction. Taking measurements and laying out plans for your game area will save you time and fuming customer reviews later on.

What’s Available?

The size of a pool table is determined by the area taken up by the area in between the rubber bouncers. Pool tables are typically sold in sizes ranging from 7’-9’, at a 2:1 ratio of length to width. American style games are usually played on larger tables, and British style games on smaller ones.

Professional billiard tournaments are played on 9’ tables, which increase the difficulty and speed of the plays. However, the most popular size among sports bars and pubs are on the lower end; the seven footers. There are two reasons that owners choose this option: price and space. Seven foot tables are usually cheaper than their larger counterparts and free up more space for additional tables or seating.

Seven, Eight, Nine

Though tables are advertised as 7’, 8’, 8.5’, and 9’, the actual dimensions of the playing surfaces are smaller.

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Hot Hotel Game Room Ideas

If you want more guests and patrons, your hotel or resort needs to be remembered as much as the rest of the trip. A hot hotel game room is a great way to deepen the experience of your guests and keep them coming back for more.

A Hotel Game Room and Pub with Billiards Table

A hotel game room and pub. Picture, under CC0 License via Pixa Bay.

Here are some options to take your hotel game room to the next level:

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