The Quick and Easy Guide on How to Play Foosball

You’ve probably seen or played foosball before, but do you know the official rules for gameplay? This popular game, also called table soccer, was invented by Harold Thornton in 1921. He was inspired by his favorite English football team, Tottenham Hotspur, to create an easy game that families could play in their own homes. Foosball is now played all over the world, though it goes by many names. It’s called “baby foot” in France, “kicker” in Germany, and “futbolito” in Mexico.

No matter where you are or what it’s called, it’s always fun to be able to jump in and play along, so here is a quick explanation of how to play foosball.

What You Need to Play Foosball

Close up of a foosball table

To play foosball, you need 2-4 players, a foosball table, and a ball. Each player maneuvers 2-4 rods, controlling a total of 13 players per team. Players stand on opposite sides, twisting their rods to get their players to “kick” the ball into their opponent’s goal.

In a one-on-one game, a single player can go back-and-forth between his or her four rods. For a two-on-two game, teammates each take two rods and either play the role of defense or offense.
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Foosball Tables with Folding Legs

Recently, received several inquiries for foosball tables with folding legs. Similar to Multi-Game Tables, foosball tables with folding legs are great because they are portable and allow you save space in your game room without having to down-size. Here are some of our top picks.

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Garlando OpenAir Folding Foosball Table – Indoor

Garlando Folding Foosball Table

Garlando OpenAir Indoor Folding Foosball Table – $1,264.99 with Free Shipping and Zero Sales Tax

The Garlando OpenAir Folding Foosball Table has collapsible legs that allow you to tuck your table away nice and neat. Both tables fold inward so that you have a compact table that sits within the dimensions of the main cabinet. The legs are reinforced with fiberglass to make them light-weight and heavy-duty. Set up is quick and easy and can be setup virtually anywhere inside your home. This portable foosball table normally retails at $1,805.00 but you can get it on sale at $1,264.99 from today!
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The Pro Series Foosball Table by Great American

Brought to you by Great American, the Pro Series Foosball Table is the perfect addition to any sports bar, rec room, or even your own home game room. The Pro Series is built for true foosball players who know how to tell a quality table apart from a poorly built unit that will bend, warp, and break in less than a year. Made in the USA, the Pro Series is a remarkable foosball table that won’t disappoint.

Founded in 1990 by David Celani, the folks at Great American Recreation Equipment are well aware of quality workmanship. You see, David Celani ventured into foosball tables after building a successful cabinetry company. With this background in woodworking, Great American has become recognized as one of the best foosball manufacturers on the market. Listed among the likes of Garlando and Tornado, Great American’s Pro Series Table is built to last a lifetime.Pro Series Foosball Table by Great American
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The History of Table Football aka Foosball

Table Football is a game that has been around for nearly a century. Dating back to the 1890’s of Victorian England, table football evolved during a Renaissance that witnessed the widespread invention of new games. During this period, games like croquet, snooker, and rugby also came about. Table football was just one of the many parlor games that become well known in the early 20th century.

The history of table football has been contested for several reasons. It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact date it was invented because table football, aka foosball, has been claimed to been invented in several areas during a span 40 years. So what’s the true history of table football? Although there is much debate over the true origins, most enthusiasts credit the invention of table football to Harold Thornton patented the first game table back in 1921.

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Foosball Table Facts

Foosball Table Facts

Foosball tables are an excellent way to have a game room in any room
of your home. Apartments and dorm rooms can accommodate them, and they
provide hours of entertainment. The first foosball table was a dedicated
bar game, plain and simple. In soccer crazed Europe, the game became a
substitute for actual soccer, and when players returned form the field
the first place they stopped was the pub, so it was a natural progression.
Many early tables were designed to sit on top of an existing table. Rather
than its own free standing entities, these home made versions were very
unlike the polished, refined pieces of equipment that we have today.

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Top 3 Foosball Tables

Winter is almost over, which means spring is right around the corner. The spring is a great time to barbecue and throw parties. A lot of schools and colleges have graduations in the spring, and it also baseball season. All of this means you are likely to have friends and families together, so what better way to provide some old school fun than a foosball table? There are a lot of styles, materials, and manufacturers to consider, so we will make it easy on you. Here is our list of the top three most popular foosball tables, as chosen by the consumers.

#3. American Foosball Table
With a style as wholesome as the name suggests, the American Foosball Table is perfect for just about anyone. The oak veneer is a classic choice that hardly clashes with anything. The cute polypropylene figures are also very durable. ABS injected legs with individual leg levelers provide a stable and level playing surface. This table gives you commercial quality at a fraction of the price.
#2. Level Best Furniture Foosball Table
The Level Best Furniture Foosball Table is one of the most handsome models on the market. The solid wood Queen Anne legs are hand carved and exquisite. It has a mahogany finish with multiple tones to give it a sophisticated furniture look. This foosball table is handsome enough to go in your pool room or in a gentleman’s study.
#1. Carlyle Foosball Table
The Carlyle Foosball Table is a another traditional table with a sophisticated design. The espresso finish and beveled details give this table a traditional style that works anywhere. It also features a classic Parquet playing field with an abacuses score keeper. The stainless steel rods move smoothly over its E-Z Glide ball bearings. This foosball table is the perfect way to complete your game room, pool hall, or recreation center.

Counterweighted Foosball tables

Serious foosball players expect a few specific features on a competitive table. Many tables will use a specific number of goal players, have a certain material used for the playing surface, or have a design that keeps the foosball ball from rolling to far to the sides. However one of the most sought after features that proficient foosball players look for is counterweighted players. In some product details you may find that this is also referred to as “Counter Balanced” players.
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