The Pro Series Foosball Table by Great American

Brought to you by Great American, the Pro Series Foosball Table is the perfect addition to any sports bar, rec room, or even your own home game room. The Pro Series is built for true foosball players who know how to tell a quality table apart from a poorly built unit that will bend, warp, and break in less than a year. Made in the USA, the Pro Series is a remarkable foosball table that won’t disappoint.

Founded in 1990 by David Celani, the folks at Great American Recreation Equipment are well aware of quality workmanship. You see, David Celani ventured into foosball tables after building a successful cabinetry company. With this background in woodworking, Great American has become recognized as one of the best foosball manufacturers on the market. Listed among the likes of Garlando and Tornado, Great American’s Pro Series Table is built to last a lifetime.Pro Series Foosball Table by Great American

Pro Series – Construction and Materials

Great American pays attention to all of the key aspects that go into making the best foosball table. Made using commercial quality materials, the Pro Series Foosball Table will withstand rough-housing and rigorous hours of play in pool halls, bars, and rowdy kid’s rooms. Full push in rod bearings provide a smooth response as rods twist in your hands effortlessly.

Tipping the scales at a whopping 275 pounds, the Pro Series provides a solid playing field that won’t move during intense games. As you know, this can disrupt momentum and ultimately change the outcome of a competitive game. Sturdy legs provide a stable base that allows games to be played on uneven ground. A smooth laminate finish is made using computerized cutting and routing equipment. This means faster shots that won’t be taken of course by warped boards that reroute the destination of your shot.

Hollowed Rods and Anti-Slip Handles

The Pro Series Foosball Table is a true masterpiece. Machine grade high tensile steel rods prevent bending and warping, a common problem with low-quality foosball tables. These hollowed rods are lightweight and increase game speed. Other tables use low-grade materials that cannot be hollowed because they will compromise rod strength. Hollowed rods are what the pro’s use and are a standard in competitive play.

Tired of trying to make a shot, only to have your handle slip on the rod? Great American has developed Anti-slip handles that are cut in the shape of an octagon. This prevents handles from slipping when you make powerful shots. Other foosball tables use circular handles, which is why you’ll notice handle grips moving. This is incredibly frustrating and can seriously hinder performance.

Great American Pro Series Foosball Table

Counterbalanced Polypropylene Players

Spaced across the playing field, foosball players experience high impact shots that can create a loud “pop” as the ball whizzes from one side of the table to the other. The Pro Series is manufactured using polypropylene figures that are resistant to breakage and chipping.

Leveled play is ensured using a counterbalancing technique that facilitates the smooth and unobstructed rotation of your rod. You can tell if a foosball table is counterbalanced by pointing the player’s feet directly in the air. If they are counterbalanced, the feet will remain in the air and won’t move.

Foosball Table Pointed Feet

Pointed feet improve ball control. Image via Kozoom.

Optimum ball control is achieved by pointing the feet of players on the table. This contrasts rounded feet that do not allow competitors to manipulate the ball and make targeted shots at the opposing goal. A 3 goalie defense setup meets American standards of play and gets you ready for some serious play!

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