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Garlando Foosball Tables

Garlando Foosball Tables

The Garlando company is based in Italy and has been making and distributing foosball tables since the 1950's. They manufacture foosball tables that are coin operated for commercial business use. As well as free play, elegant and quiet for personal pleasure. The foosball tables are made of strong construction, excellent stability and playability while still looking elegant to fit in any room. Garlando makes their foosball tables to be the most artistic with their shapes and bright colors. Garlando foosball tables are quite often used in child care centers because of their bright colors and geometric designs. All the Garlando tables are built to commercial standards, they all use bushes will roller bearings for smoother, faster play, less wear and longer life.

Garlando products are created through an original synergy between the traditional handicraft and the most advanced technologies, fruit of years of research, to offer a pleasant, safe and lasting use.

The Garlando products are manufactured to have professional features which make them different from the toy tables you can buy at your local store. You can customize your Foosball table with your company logo or almost any design you would like. These foosball tables are laminated on the sides and the headpieces to achieve a glossy finish that will protect your design from chipping off. The growing awareness of the impact on the environment has given the company particular attention in the social and corporate world. In the last few years Garlando has acquired 2 important certifications, such as the CE mark for toy safety and certification ISO 14001 for environmental safety. Garlando foosball tables have been used for many years in tournaments, competitions all over the world. The simple fact that they are the leading supplier for these tournaments and competitions by the champions is enough reason to put your trust in buying a Gerlando foosball table.

Garlando Foosball Tables - the men and rods are guaranteed for life. As for the rest of the table, there is not anything that could go wrong with it, assuming it is used properly.