How To Get More Short Term Rental Bookings

Short Term Rentals, or SRTs, are a hot investment right now as people look to travel inexpensively with family and friends. When you open up your home for rental on apps like Airbnb or VRBO,  success isn’t guaranteed. You’ve done the work and research and created a beautiful space.  Generating bookings and good ratings takes time, but there are a few tricks that can help boost your listing right now. Today, we’re going to explore some options to enhance your SRT listing and increase bookings.  

Photos First

The best way to catch the eye of potential guests and make your unit stand out on the apps is using professional photography in the listing photos! While mobile phones have great cameras today, they’re not a replacement for the creative talent and eye of a professional photographer. A pro will able to make your unit look its best for listing. Clear, beautiful photographs will showcase all your listing has to offer. Photos are more memorable than a well-written description, especially when browsing through multiple listings. As an STR host, making things easy for guests should be priority.

Hiring a photographer is a worthy investment. Watch as your bookings increase after you add your new photos! To find a photographer, search on local Facebook groups for hosts, ask for personal recommendations, and explore local social media hashtags. Chances are that someone in your community knows of a talented photographer looking to build their business.

If you do not have a separate Instagram account or social media page for your short term rentals, create one! Show off the unique features of your unit, community happenings, and any recent upgrades. Running an Instagram page only takes a few minutes a week. Tech savvy travelers, and those looking for something special might find you on social media first!

Guest Comforts

A major component of running a short term rental is maintenance. To ensure guest comfort and satisfaction, it’s important to keep your rental clean and repaired. Whether you clean your unit yourself, or hire out, make sure that things like loose hardware, chipped paint, and dingy linens aren’t getting neglected. Keep a stock of basic supplies and fresh linens so that it’s easy to replace things as necessary. Additional touches, like providing snacks, a specialty coffee maker, or luxury toiletries can help increase 5-Star ratings, drawing in future guests.

Make A Splash

Ready to draw in the summer crowds? Transform the outdoor space of your unit into an experience itself. If you’d like to add a pool, but are concerned about cost and maintenance, consider an above-ground pool or plunge pool. Plunge pools are ideal for smaller backyards, especially if your unit is more geared towards adults than to families. For wintery retreats, a hot tub is always a welcome bonus.

If you’re not quite ready to commit to a pool or hot tub, try upgrading the patio and landscaping in the backyard. A well maintained garden or lawn adds serenity, even in a busy city space. Swap out broken and dirty patio furniture to keep the outdoor living space inviting. Outdoor games, like table tennis, pickle ball, or horseshoe create a welcoming family environment. Depending on your unit’s location, a charcoal grill or fire pit might be a fantastic addition to the summer backyard.

Game On

Does you unit have a second living area or an empty basement? Turn the space into a game room! Most people do not have the space for a specialty game table at home, which gives you an edge as a host. A stylish pool table or elegant shuffleboard table adds function and fun to an otherwise empty space. Make the game room inviting by including comfortable seating and a Bluetooth speaker for music. Be sure to include a few of your favorite board games and cards , so everyone can join in on the fun!

Once you’ve made changes to your unit, be sure to update the listing on the app. You know never know what detail will draw someone in and make them book your place. From foosball tables to outdoor games, can help you transform your SRT into the ultimate gaming getaway.

More Ideas for Your STR Game Room