Top 5 Best Coin Operated Pool Tables of the Year

When you’re in the hospitality business, improving your guests’ experience and increasing your profit is always considered when making changes. Adding a coin operated pool table to your space is one of the easiest ways to keep guests returning and extra pennies in your pocket. If you’ve tried shopping for a coin-op pool table before, you know that finding the perfect pool table can be a bit like playing Goldilocks.

Leave it to us, at We’ve done the research and over a decade of knowledge to pull together this guide of coin-operated pool tables for sale that are just right to show off your style and welcome your guests.

Check out some of the commercial pool tables we’ve provided to happy customers.

Best Coin-Operated Pool Tables

1) Great American Eagle Optional Coin-Op Pool Table

Create that classic British pub feel with The Eagle. The sturdy poplar cabinet is built to withstand hearty gameplay. The rails and slate are covered with an unbacked cloth, in your choice of color. Add a bill acceptor for convenience, and lights or gold trim for ambience. The Eagle is available in multiple sizes, to fit your bar or home game room.

2) Great American Legacy Pool Table

With poplar frame and rails, and  dual steel center slate, The Legacy is a durable, yet handsome choice for any bar or pool hall. The rails and slate are covered with 21 ounces of cloth for reliable, fast play. Choose a  table length to fit and complement your space, from compact 6’ to full length 9.’

3) Great American Black Diamond  Pool Table

The Black Diamond is the ultimate in modern pool tables. Outfitted with an easy-to-read LCD screen, The Black Diamond is rechargeable and programable. Your guests can enjoy happy hour pricing. The excitement of league play can also draw in extra customers—players and spectators alike! The Black Diamond features a one-piece Brazilian slate and poplar rails, with a viewing area to prevent free play. The Black Diamond is available from lengths 6 feet to 9 feet.

4) Great American Monarch Pool Table

Designed for reliable fast-action and incredible durability, The Monarch features an imported slate, solid poplar cabinet, and classic pool hall style. Dome shake-proof washers on the rails and corners provide extra support and speed. The Monarch is built to withstand years of hearty play with double rollers on ball release.  Outfit your Monarch pool table with coin-operation, a bill acceptor, or a ball return for the best billiards experience.

5) Great American Neon Pool Table  

For that retro arcade feel, look no further than The Neon. Detailed with bright flashes of electric blue and yellow, this sturdy pool table is the  hottest addition for your arcade, rec center, or themed bar. Crafted with an imported one-piece slate that provides reliable, fast play, The Neon has dome-shaped shake proof washers for superior stability. The Neon can be customized even further with LED lights, a bill accepter, and pocket type.

Events for Venues with Commercial Pool Tables

With the addition of a coin-operated pool table, your business becomes a dynamic entertaining space. Your business can also host pool tournaments for special events or fundraisers with commercial pool tables.

What ways can you think of to incorporate your new pool table into events? How about a themed pool night? Coin-operated pool tables provide the entertainment. You just need to bring your style and the snacks. Visit full pool table collection to find unique pool tables for every space. 

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