The Best 6 Foot Pool Tables of the Year

The new year is here and it’s time for our round-up of the best pool tables! There are so many pool tables for sale, it’s hard to narrow down the choices. We love sharing our favorites with our customers! We offer pool tables in a range of lengths, including 6 foot pool tables.  These tables are smaller than regulation size tables used in tournaments and are perfect for home game rooms, garages, and arcades. Check out our picks for the best pool tables below!

5 of the Best 6 Foot Pool Tables

1) Fat Cat Trueshot 6′ Billiard Table

Fat Cat 6′ Trueshot Billiard Table

This lightweight pool table features foldable legs for excellent portability. Set up a game in the garage or the living room or wherever the party is happening! Each pool table manufactured by Fat Cat Billiards is crafted with high quality materials meant to last through years of enthusiastic gameplay. The sleek black design of the Trueshot will complement any décor style easily. Trueshot is the perfect versatile 6’ pool table for busy families.

2) Great American Monarch 6′ Pool Table

Great American 6′ Foot Pool Table

Styled after old-school bar pool tables, The Monarch is a custom pool table for your arcade, bar, or game room that will keep your guests coming back. The Monarch is a slate pool table, with shake-proof washers and poplar top frame and rails. Superior strength meets beauty in this smooth-playing table. For operators of commercial establishments such as arcades and bars, bill and coin operation can be added to your Monarch table for an additional cost. The Monarch is also available in other lengths, including 6′, 6.5′, 7′, 8′, or 9′ tables, to better suit larger rooms!

Tip: Not sure what size pool table is right for you? Check out this article: What is the Best Size Pool Table?

3) 6’ Kiddie Pool Table

Great American 6′ Kiddie Pool Table

It’s never too early to learn how to play pool! It’s a recreation that teaches concentration, hand-eye coordination, and encourages good sportsmanship. Research has even proven that game rooms improve academic performance and emotional wellness.

This vibrant game room pool table is ideal for kids’ playrooms, arcades, or youth centers. This table can be customized to your needs with coin-op and automatic ball return. Multigame pool tables are a hot trend, so get ahead of the game by adding a ping pong table to top your order. The Kiddie pool table features robust heavy-duty construction, a one-piece slate, and plywood cabinet.

4) 6′ Fairmont Portable Pool Table

6′ Fairmont Portable Pool Table

Event hosts and on-the-go pool players will love this incredibly portable table that makes it one of the best 6 foot pool tables. The Fairmont is lightweight, but sturdy with 5” wide top rails, fast action cushions, and a play surface covered in hearty wool-blend cloth. The table is supported by strong metal legs with levelers. No matter where you’re playing, the Fairmont will provide an excellent playing experience. Fully functional, the Fairmont offers all the fun of a regulation sized pool table in a fun, compact package.

5) Great American Neon 6′ Pool Table

Great American 6′ Neon Pool Table

Make your game room pop with the Neon by Great American! This custom pool table offers some of the best features on the market, including optional coin and bill acceptors, LED lights, and even your choice of felt color. Enjoy reliable play on a dual steel slate. Your 80’s fantasy arcade wouldn’t be complete without this gorgeous pool table. The Neon is available in lengths up to 9’ to suit larger rooms as well.

Find the Best Pool Table for You

Billiards tables have come a long way, from playing on the floor or dining table to complex multi-game tables and custom furniture pieces. At, we seek out the best in game room furniture to share with our customers! Where else would you find beautiful 6’ pool tables for sale at an amazing price? Visit our full catalog for more game room inspiration and more fantastic game tables.

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