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Great American Neon Optional Coin-Op LED Pool Table (Sizes 6', 6.5', 7', 8', or 9')

Great American Neon Optional Coin-Op LED Pool Table (Sizes 6', 6.5', 7', 8', or 9')
Optional Pool Table Lift Kit
Premium Accessory Kit
Classic Play Kit
Vintage Play Kit
Vintage Play Kit

Coin Op Option
Electronic Bill Acceptor (Coin-Op Only)
Pocket Type (Non Coin Only)
Base & Side LED Lights
Felt Color Options
Add Ping Pong Table Top
Add Billiard Accessory Kit
Custom Laminate Finish
Pool Table Lift Kit
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Made in usa Custom made

The Neon Lites Pool Table from Great American will attract friends, family, and customers like never before. Its bold design and colors will be the center of attention for any game room or pool hall. This table comes as a home model and coin-op. For the home, you can choose between the convenient ball return or standard drop pocket. Be prepared for more color features than any other manufacturer: corner castings, pocket liners, rails and extruded corners. Its cabinet grade plywood construction with black laminate, electric blue cloth on rails & black bed cloth will make this a hot item no matter where it is.

Product Features:
  • Available in 6',6.5',7',8', or 9'
  • Available as Coin Operated, with Ball Return, or with Drop Pocket
  • Dual steel slate supports provide reliable flat level playing surface.
  • Double rollers on ball release provide smoother action, less wear and down time.
  • Dome shake-proof washers on railbolts, corners and slate supports for a tight and fast play.
  • Each table is crafted with the finest imported one piece slate.
  • Gold Accents are available: Gold Corners, Gold Extruded Corners, Gold Trim Molding

  • Accessories Include (Coin-op Only):
  • 4 Cue sticks
  • Set of balls
  • Chalk
  • Brush
  • Rack
  • Magnetic Cue ball

  • Size Coin Op Model Non Coin Model
    6' 600N 600HN
    6.5' 650N 650HN
    7' 700N 700HN
    8' 800N 800HN
    9' 900N 900HN

    ModelOverall SizePlaying SurfaceSlate SizeWeight
    6'45" x 77"32" x 64"35.5" x 67.5"620 lbs.
    6.5'49" x 85"36" x 72"39" x 75"650 lbs.
    7'53" x 91"40" x 80"43" x 83"710 lbs.
    8'57.5" x 101.5"44" x 88"47.5" x 91.5"820 lbs.
    9'64" x 114"50.5" x 100.5"54" x 104"1100 lbs.

    Custom Laminate Finish
    This product is eligible for optional custom laminate finishes from Wilsonart or Pionite. Click here to view Pionite custom laminate options. Then on the checkout page under the "customer notes" section please notate which laminate color you would like.

    Coin operated game tables are perfect for business establishments for generating extra income. The coin operated game tables can be configured to accept quarters up to $2 worth of coins and or even just $0.25 cents worth of quarters. There are two options when it comes to our coin operated tables. V5 coin operation has 5 coin slots, so it can go as low as $0.25 up to $1.25. V8 coin operation has 8 coin slots, so it can go as low as $0.25 up to $2.00

    Billiard Accessory Kit - Premium Play Kit (Optional)
    • 57" 2-Piece Wood Cue (4)
    • Table Brush
    • Wood Triangle
    • Wood 9 Ball Triangle
    • Bridge Cue & Bridge Head
    • 6-Cue Cue Rack
    • Billiard Ball Set
    • Table Cover
    • Chalk

    Billiard Accessory Kit - Classic Play Kit (Optional)
    • Top Grade Pool Balls with Grey Ball Box (w/logo)
    • 4-57" 2pc cues (Maple)
    • 57" Black Cue Rest (Maple) with Brass Bridge
    • Bridge Head (Brass)
    • 9 Ball Diamond (Pine)
    • 2.25" Triangle (Pine)
    • 6 cue Roman Rack
    • Under Rail Brush
    • 10.5" Maple Brush (nylon hair)
    • Rule Book, 8' Vinyl Cover
    • Cue Repair Box
    • Rubber Chalk Holder

    Billiard Accessory Kit - Vintage Play Kit (Optional)
    • Top Grade Pool Balls with Black Ball Box (w/logo)
    • 4-57" 2pc cues (Ash)
    • 57" Black Cue Rest (Maple) with Brass Bridge
    • Cross Head (Chrome)
    • 48" Pool Cue (Ash)
    • Black 9 Ball Diamond (Birch)
    • Black Head (Chrome)
    • 48" Pool Cue (Ash)
    • Black 9 Ball Diamond (Birch)
    • Black 2.25" Triangle (Birch)
    • Black 6 Cue Rack
    • Black Under Rail Brush
    • Black 10.5" Maple Brush(Horse Hair)
    • 8' Oversized Heavy Duty Leather Cover w/ Logo
    • Black Leather Chalk Holder
    • Rule Book
    • Logo Wooden Repair Box
    • 6 pc Chalk

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