What is the Best Size Pool Table to Have?

The question is often asked, “What is the best pool table size to have?” To be blunt, that’s not really a question! A 9 foot pool table is the best size to have in a perfect world, but we all know that this is not reality. Sometimes you have to compromise.

What is the Best Size Pool Table to Have?

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7 Foot Pool tables – The Bar Box

The 7 foot pool table, otherwise known as the “bar box.” 7 foot tables are most popular in local bars.  7 foot tables mean your billiards balls will bunch up into clusters a lot so you will have to learn how to break of these tight packs. These smaller tables are ideal when you just “have to have one.” The shorter table creates a different playing experience.

This post goes into much more detail about 7 foot pool tables. Rather than rehash all the information, you should just hop over and read it yourself.

Go with a 7 foot pool table if you don’t have enough space for a larger table. It will be enough to dust off your cue stick whenever you need to. It’s not the best size pool table to have but it will get the job done to practice in your home, apartment, condo, or townhouse.

7 Foot Pool Table

The Great American Black Diamond Pool Table is available in 6′, 6.5′, 7′, 8′, or 9′ dimensions.

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8 Foot Pool Tables – Tournament Tables

The 8 foot table stands the middle ground between 7 foot and 9 foot pool tables. You’re shots are mid-range but you will also have to break out some clusters too. A little bit of both so it’ll be easier to transition to a table that is smaller or larger. 8 Foot Tables quite popular in homes because they allow you to maintain flexibility.

8 foot pool tables are referred to as “tournament tables.” They’re the best size if your buying a table for you’re home to play (somewhat competitively) with your friends. You’ll get the best of both worlds, save a little money, and still be able to practice every night if you have it in you!

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9 Foot Pool Tables

A 9 foot table is the best size if you’re playing seriously or planning on entering any tournaments. 9 foot tables are the standard size of a pool table used in regulation tournaments and are most popular in pool halls. This is what the big boys use.

On a 9 foot billiards table, you won’t have as many clusters, but your shots will be longer making the game more difficult and more skill-oriented. Don’t forget these tips from BCA Master Instructor Mark Finkelstein teaching you how to get to the next ball.

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The Verdict

Experienced players always prefer larger tables but then again there are those who compete in bar leagues. Many of these guys and gals stick with a certain size to maintain a consistent playing surface.

Last but not least we have to mention one word of caution to all of you out there. Make sure you have enough room for your cue stick! Trying to force things in the wrong place just doesn’t work so if you have to, opt for a smaller table so that the game will run smoothly. Trust me, you WILL put holes in your wall!

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