Pool Table Installation Service With Felting

A pool table for your home or business is a major investment. Proper installation ensures that your new pool table will be cared for from the beginning, saving you from mishandling and enhancing game play.

8' Imperial Bedford Weathered Oak Pool Table installed
8′ Imperial Bedford Weathered Oak Pool Table installed in Caledonia, Michigan – 10/8/2017. See more.

At GameTablesOnline.com, we offer Pool Table Installation Services in addition to our incredible selection of beautiful game tables. Add our installation service to your order for a one of a kind experience to get your ultimate game room started.

Pool Table Installation Process

At GameTablesOnline.com, shipping is free with every order, but to get the deluxe experience, our installation service ticks all the boxes.  Our experts will unload your new pool table, set it up in its new home, and adjust it to so that it’s ready for play. Our In-Home Installation is available all across the US.  We’ll walk you through the steps, so you know what to expect.

The following is an installation of the 8′ Talbot pool table with storage drawer, featuring a beautiful, rich wine colored felt with a ping pong conversion top by Plank and Hide Co.

Installing pool table legs
Installing pool table legs

Step 1: Transport the Table into the Home

First, our team will bring in the table, partially assembled. Depending on where your pool table is to be placed, the legs may or may not already be attached. Once in place, the table is set, straightened , and adjusted until you are pleased with its placement. Placement is crucial, as the table will be extremely difficult to move once fully assembled.

Transporting a pool table
Transporting a pool table

Step 2: Leveling

Once the table is in place, leveling is next. For the most accurate game play, precise measurements are necessary. Using a standard carpenter’s level, our team will assess and readjust the pool table shelf until it is perfectly level.

Leveling a pool table
Leveling a pool table
Using a leveler on pool table
Using a leveler to make sure the table is precisely balanced

If you decide to install your pool table yourself, you may not notice all the finite details that a pool table needs to remain sturdy through the years. Each adjustment to the legs and base that our team makes is carefully measured using years of expertise.

Step 3: Install the Slate

To install the slate, first the center of the table must be found using a tape measure. The slate pieces are glued down, starting with the center tile. Once again, taking care everything stays level, the installers will use a level on the slate as they work. Small pieces of wood, or shims, may be used to help make certain areas of the slate remain level. Glue is used to fill the spaces between the slate pieces so that there are no gaps.

Pool table slate installation
Pool table slate installation

Step 5: Felting the table

One of the most recognizable parts of the pool table is the iconic felt. Many of our beautiful pool tables have custom felt options. Choose a color to enhance your home game room, or show your team spirit with a special felt color. To finish off your new pool table, the felt is laid out flat over the slate.

Pool table felting service
Felting the table

The felt is then stretched and trimmed, making holes for bolts. Then, the rails and pockets are aligned. Depending on the style of table, the pockets may be on the underside of the table or on the side.

Stretching the felt
Stretching the felt
Trimming pool table felt
Once the felt is stretched out nicely, you can trim it to the contour of your table

Step 6: Attach the Rails and Pockets

Pool table rail installation
Installing the rails

Once the rails and pockets are attached, the table is complete. You will need to allow the glue to completely set down dry before your first game, but you can admire your new pool table in anticipation. Our team will clean up all packaging materials and debris while you relax.

Step 7: Finishing Touches

Completed pool table installation
A picture of the finished product after installation

Where to buy a pool table?

While you could maybe convince a few of your strongest friends to help you with your new pool table, wouldn’t you rather invite your friends over for a game of pool on a new table that is picture perfect?

Choosing our Pool Table Installation Service with Felting means you’ll get the highest quality service, for your home or business. Explore our full catalogue to find a wide selection stunning billiards tables to fit your game room flair.

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