Virtual Game Night Ideas

Everybody loves game night. Getting everyone together for a night of laughter and fun, with everyone’s busy schedules, can be tricky.  Whether you have friends overseas, or family across town, use our tips to help you host the ultimate virtual game night.

Virtual Game Night Ideas
Virtual Game Night Ideas CCBY 2.0

Set the date

As the host, you’ll need to determine the date and time. It’s important that all your guests know the time zone as well, so that no one accidentally misses out on the fun. Predetermine if your game night will be family friendly or adults only.


Facebook Room Relatively new, Facebook Rooms are a video call feature that let friends hang out in a virtual room together.

Google Hangout Up to ten people can use Google Hangout to video call, making it ideal for big parties. Google Hangout is available on Android, IOS, and on the computer.

Houseparty This app evenly divides the screen during the call, so it’s best for groups of 4 or smaller. Houseparty also has a few games available inside the app!

Skype Skype is the best choice when playing with multigenerational groups. Most people have used or currently use Skype. The skype app is free and can be used on smart phones.

Zoom Zoom is the best video chat service for virtual game night. Although free, you may want to pay for a subscription so you can play longer than the free 40 minutes meeting, or call. Zoom allows you to screenshare, which is important for game night.

Pick a Virtual Game Night Theme

Themes make everything more fun, even at home. For poker, go for a Monte Carlo theme. Have everyone dress to the nines. Send your favorite cocktail recipe to your friends so you can all toast together.

Try out some fancy canapes recipes, or make it quick yet effortlessly fancy with bruschetta toast. Or go for a family game night theme, with classic party snacks like nachos, popcorn, cupcakes with sprinkles, and sparkling lemonade. Ask each participating household to wear a certain “team” color.

Virtual Game Ideas

  1. Classic Games  Parlor Games like charades, Pictionary, quiz games, and other family favorites require little set up and offer big laughs.  
  2. Poker To play online poker with friends, it’s easiest to use a website like Pokerstars. All participants will need an account. There are other virtual poker and card options online, including free play. If you decide to play for cash, you can play in rounds or sets, and settle up via Venmo between rounds.
  3. Bingo For large game nights, Bingo is a sure hit! Email your virtual guests bingo cards to print out so everyone can join in. Use this Virtual Bingo Caller to play different games. Raise the stakes with Venmo tips for winners, or a digital gift card to a favorite takeout restaurant.
  4. Pub Quiz Using a trivia quiz generator, like this one, have the game host ask questions and each player submit their answers via Zoom chat. Whoever loses has to host the next round. Trivia games can be adapted to your party or theme, make it your own!
  5. Get Creative There are plenty of easy and fun active games you can create right at home. Many popular board games and card games can also be played online. Ask your friends and family for their favorite games, they may have a favorite you’ve never heard of. Near or far, a virtual game night is a chance to relax and be silly together.

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