Game Tables Online Will Appear in October’s Issue of Pool and Billiard Magazine!

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Pool and Billiard Magazine September 2014

September’s issue of P&B Magazine.

Game Tables Online in P&B Magazine

Game Tables Online will appear on page 24 of the October 2014 Issue of Pool & Billiards Magazine. Our column talks about our sponsorship of the Billiard Education Foundation, a non-profit charity that hosts youth events and provides academic scholarships for rising stars. The BEF was created by the Billiard Congress of America and continues to organize state-wide, national, and international events and tournaments around the world.

Page 24 announces the 9 student-athletes who have qualified to represent North America as part of Team USA at the upcoming WPA (World Pool-Billiard Association) Junior 9-Ball Championships.  Go USA!!!  This year the championships will be held in Shanghai, China beginning on November 14-18.

WPA Team USA 2014

Congratulations to Team USA Representatives!

  1. Nick Evans, 17 (St. Peters, MI)
  2. Manny Perez, age 16 (Kansas City, KS)
  3. Devin Poteet, age 17 (Cape Girardeau, MO)
  4. Taylor Reynolds, age 16 (Winslow, Maine)
  5. Rachel Lang, 16 (Catskill, NY)
  6. Ricky Evans, 13 (St. Peters, MO)
  7. Samuel Hoffman, 14 (Hillsborough, NJ)
  8. April Larson, 13 (Bloomington, MN)
  9. Michelle Jiang 13, (Harvard, MA)

The Billiard Education Fund

We’re fortunate enough to become a part of the BEF Sponsorship Family which includes companies like Simonis, Aramith, Predator Cues by Poison, and Falcon Cues. We encourage anyone interested in giving back to the community to donate to the BEF. They host events like the Jr. State championships, Jr. National 9-Ball Championships, Jr. World Championships, and Challenge the Stars. Check out there site to learn about all of the amazing things that are happening in the pool and billiard community!

Get Your Kids Involved!

Parents can learn about getting their children involved as well. Starting kids off at a young age fosters a long-lasting passion for cue sports.

Events like Challenge the Stars even lets them play against top world and junior championship players, something many kids used to dream of! Last year, Jennifer Barreta, Shane VanBoening, Dennis Orcullo, and Jason “The Michigan Kid” Lynch were among the long list of players who showed up to enjoy a night of fun with up and coming stars!

Game Tables Logo

So this month, make sure you pick up a copy of Pool & Billiard Magazine and flip to page 24! We thank P&B Magazine and the BEF for all of their support!

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