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TableBowl Shuffleboard Bowling Set

Transform Your Shuffleboard! You've already spent thousands on a table what?s few hundred more to give your table more flexibility and fun. TableBowl for Shuffleboard Tables is a Large Premium Shuffleboard Bowling Set 100% USA Made and Manufactured. Designed proportionally to fit the width of your table and give you the feel, play sound of actual bowling. . Unlike other shuffleboard pin sets, whose pins are small and designed to be used with shuffleboard pucks, TableBowl's pins are much larger and proportionately manufactured to United States Bowling Congress pin specifications. TableBowl?s pins are manufactured out of 100% hard maple just like full size pins. The Ball is made from a custom proprietary bowling ball resin. There's nothing like TableBowl on the market, we guarantee you your family and friends will have a blast competing and playing.

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