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TableBowl Shuffleboard Bowling Set

TableBowl Shuffleboard Bowling Set
White Pins
Brown Pins
Bowling Ball
Manufactured in USA

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TableBowl for Shuffleboard Tables is a Premium Shuffleboard Bowling Set 100% USA Made and Manufactured. It is proportionately sized to mimic an actual bowling lane. Therefore, you get the feel and sound of actual bowling. You will experience real bowling right in your own home like never before. TableBowl's pins are much larger and proportionately manufactured to the USBC pin specifications, unlike other shuffleboard bowling sets, whose pins are small and designed to be used with shuffleboard pucks.

TableBowl's pins are manufactured out of 100% hard maple just as real pins are. They are approximately proportional to the width of a real bowling alley, which is 42" wide. The avg. width of a shuffleboard table is 18". In other words, pins need to be 5.5 - 6.25" in height and about 1.75 - 2" wide to play the same, as a real bowling lane. TableBowl's 3-7/16" ball is approximately proportional to the pins in weight and size. It's manufactured from a hard dense resin. The resin closely mimics urethane, the same material bowling balls are made from.

Standard shuffleboard pin sets are only 4.5" in height (very tiny see pics), made out of cheap wood or plastic and don't come with a ball as a result they are no match to the play-ability of TableBowl. From the classic sound of the pins crashing into each other, to bowling a strike when hitting that 1-2 sweet spot, you won't believe how real it feels. Everyone in the entire family will have a blast. Put up a stool and even the little ones will have fun. With a few scoring rule tweaks to speed up the game, we've created a fun, easy game anyone can play. In conclusion, if you want to bring some life back to your Shuffleboard Table and get the whole family as friends invigorated for a night of fun try TableBowl.

Medium Set Dimensions:
  • Designed for Tables 15" Wide Playing Surface and Above
  • 10 - 5.5" x 1.748" Hard Maple Bowling Pins - Proportionate Regulation Size
  • 3.25" Hard Resin Bowling Ball
Large Set Dimensions:
  • Designed for Tables 16" Wide Playing Surface or Above
  • 10 - 6.25" x 1.986" Hard Maple Bowling Pins - Proportionate Regulation Size
  • 3-7/16" Hard Resin Bowling Ball
Also, includes:
  • Pinsetter
  • Rules Manual
  • Pin Placement Sticker
  • Dry Erase Pen

*Minimum of 15" width playfield is recommended. The pins would hang over the edge for 14" playfield.

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