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Henry Ilyasov, about 6' Fairmont Portable Pool Table Verified Purchase

Jan 12, 2017

Excellent pool table, great value, attentive and very helpful customer service at gametablesonline.com. Thank you!

Tom R., about Level Best 54" 3 in 1 Dining, Poker and Bumper Pool Table Verified Purchase

Apr 7, 2017

I purchased this bumper pool table about 3 weeks ago and the quality is top notch and it was easy to put together and get set up. I was really impressed and would recommend to anyone!

Sam, about City Pool Table (Sizes 7', 8', or 9')

Nov 11, 2016

Production takes long time, but the table is worth the wait.

Donna Stanton, about 6' Fairmont Portable Pool Table Verified Purchase

Jul 11, 2017

Very nice game table. Great price! Free shipping! Thanks!

Angie B, about Bryce Pool Table (Size 7' or 8')

Sep 7, 2018

Great product and great service!!! Thank you!

VJK, about Aramith Tournament 2 1/4-in. Billiard Ball Set Verified Purchase

Nov 17, 2018

Poor first impressions. Of 16 balls over half had "scratches". These were not blemishes, scuffs or smears; there was a very acute change in the surface of the ball. I spent a few minutes with a rag and polish but with no improvement.

Fortunately, GTO was prompt and offered an immediate replacement; although I was told "they may be slightly scuffed as well".

Saluc, the manufacturer, offered a different theory: "The pictures provided suggest that the "scratches" are in reality glue lines coming from the velvet-like tray in the box. This may happen very rarely during transportation, depending on the conditions."

Glue lines? From the packaging for $300+ product shipped in the Fall? You have got to be kidding me.

The replacement arrived and the eight-ball had the same issue -- fortunately, it was just the eight-ball. Given the additional information, I spent an hour with rag and polish working the eight ball. There was some improvement! It's not perfect, but it's much better than the state it arrived in.

Other than the one issue, the product appears to be of high quality and I can't wait to play. I am hopeful that the high price point will be justified over years of enjoyment of a product that is built to last. However, the first impressions are concerning, so please be aware before ordering.

John Shay, about 7.5' Minnesota Fats Covington Pool Table Verified Purchase

Dec 10, 2018

The pool table received was in good condition. You will need someone to help with it - it is heavy. The felt on the table was much thinner that I would have expected and had a lot of fuzz on it. The sticks and rack received were of low quality, but the balls received were nice. I am happy with the table and service. I told customer support about the sticks that were included with the shipment and they sent me two new ones that were much better. Not bad for my first table and the price was good for the value of the product. Easy to assemble, difficult to truly level.

richard blackmer, about 6' Fairmont Portable Pool Table Verified Purchase

Jun 22, 2019

we love the table but if i could change anything it would be the cushions balls dont bank very good thay need thicker cushions

JEFFREY ZEISZLER, about California House CR968 Storage Bench Verified Purchase

May 12, 2020

A really well built bench with quality & customized wood and leather options. The interior storage area is nice and the pneumatic hinges are smooth. The amount of wood selections and fabric choices is massive! I called CA House located in Sacramento and they were very friendly and helpful with sending sample materials. Gametablesonline was professional and quick to answer questions and calls even through the COVID shutdown. I would recommend this bench and Gamestablesonline as their price is very competitive. Note to CA buyers if you live in state you are subject to tax otherwise luck you other states. Shipping was smooth and helpful with delivery.

David Kennett, about Fat Cat 7.5' Reno Billiard Table W/Play Pkg Verified Purchase

May 20, 2020

- The billiards table arrived intact and is good condition.
- The ping pong table topper surprisingly still has not arrived and it has been about six weeks since I made the order. This excessively long delivery time is unsatisfactory, even during the current pandemic.
- The delivery times for both the billiards table (received after nearly five weeks) and the ping pong table topper (still not received, although I finally received a call to schedule its delivery yesterday - 19 May 2020) were excessively long.
- The communications and on-line tracking during the multiple-link shipping process was unsatisfactory / unacceptable and reflected a poor overall quality of service. Because on-line shipping statuses were not provided as they should have been, I was forced to contact GameTablesOnline.com to receive statuses.
- No Customer should have to deal with these lengthy processing, shipping, and delivery times, as well as the poor overall quality of service, without being offered a significant discount (and/or other options) for the products purchased.

WANDA, about Great American Monarch Optional Coin-Op Pool Table (Sizes 6', 6.5', 7', 8', or 9')

Aug 30, 2020

I like the option of adding the ping pong table