Professional Series Black Pool Cue With Clear Shaft

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Professional Series Black Pool Cue With Clear Shaft

Professional Series Black Pool Cue With Clear Shaft

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The Cuetec Professional Series Cues utilize our core shaft technology that ensures a solid, consistent cue ball hit. The shaft is made with a North American maple core bonded to fiberglass and has a 15.5" pro taper. We then put on our exclusive Tru-Glide finish to assure a smooth stroke. The shaft is attached to the handle and covered with a stainless steel power collar. We add a deluxe leather tip and a tough polycarbonate ferrule. You now have a great "House" or recreational cue.

Available in 36-inch, 42-inch, 48-inch and 52-inch lengths.

Cue Lengths and Weights:

36-inch cue weighs 10-ounces.
42-inch cue weighs 12-ounces.
48-inch cue weighs 14-ounces.
52-inch length weighs 16-ounces.

Product Details:
  • Core Shaft Technology shaft ensures solid, consistent cue ball hits
  • North American maple shaft core is bonded to fiberglass
  • Tru-Glide finish assures smooth strokes
  • Polycarbonate ferrule and glue on leather tip
  • Stainless steel power collar
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