Cuetec Prestige Graphite Cue - Blue

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Cuetec Prestige Graphite Cue - Blue

Cuetec Prestige Graphite Cue - Blue
Cuetec Prestige Graphite Cue - Blue

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Dimensions 58"
Cuetec Graphite Cues are considered by many to be the best in the industry. The features tell you why: Cuetec's exclusive 15 1/2-inch Pro tapered power bonded graphite S.S.T. shaft; Tiger hard leather tip; polycarbonate ferrule, solid rubber bumper that provides extra protection for your cue; Implex joints and butt caps; Veltex grip for control; and the Cuetec exclusive Acueweight system that allows you to change weight or balance of the cue in just minutes. Simply unscrew by hand the butt cap with bumper attached (do not unscrew the bumper) and add or remove weights to provide your exact weight preference. Weights are available in 1/2-oz. or 1-oz. increments (sold separately). The S.S.T. shaft has a core of North American maple that is bonded with graphite material and then finished with our exclusive Tru-Glide finish to provide a smooth and accurate shot.

Product Details:
  • 2-piece 58-in. cue
  • Exclusive S.S.T. shaft with maple core bonded to graphite
  • Tiger hard leather tip
  • Veltex grip for control
  • Implex joint and butt cap
  • Solid rubber bumper
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