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Dome Hockey Tables

Dome Hockey Tables

If you like foosball or air hockey, then you will love playing on a Dome Hockey Table. This game combines the fast paced back-and-fourth action of foosball with the look of hockey. Dome hockey tables even come with a protective shell the keeps the puck contained. Tired of chasing rogue balls around your game room or backyard? This conveniently saves time and lets you stay at the table where you belong. Features like electronic scoring give you a full arcade feel. Some even have different modes that allow you to change up how you play the game.

Dome Hockey Tables are a lot of fun, but on top of that, they are not your run-of-the-mill game table. A lot of game rooms have the same standard games that everyone else has. Think about how your game room can be different. Dome Hockey can be a special game your friends and family only enjoy at your place. When people come over, they will look forward to it because it is a game they do not get to play everywhere else. If you are assembling a game room, try to branch out into special game tables, like a Dome Hockey Table, to make your place stick out.

If you own a business, such as a bar, pool hall, rec center, or student center, coin operated Dome Hockey Tables can help bring in some extra revenue. Practically anyone will try a game once, and Dome Hockey is a fun, uncommon game that will definitely draw in players. Convert unused or under utilized space into a place for people to have fun and earn you money. Like foosball, a Dome Hockey Table really only needs two sides accessible for playing, so the third side can sit flush against a wall to save space.

If you are looking for a unique game table that will still be plenty of fun to play, a Dome Hockey Table can be the perfect addition to your game room. It offers fast play and arcade style fun. The protective dome keep the playfield safe and keep you from losing the puck. Your friends and family might just have a new favorite table game.